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"Never Trump' Republican Operative Known for Anti-Semitic Attacks on George Soros Now Working to Defeat Sanders in Democratic Primary

It depends on context. If one exposes Soros for all the corruption he peddles and supports then it not anti-Semitic. If one attacks him just because he is Jewish then it is anti-Semitic.

I have no use for George Soros , but him being Jewish has nothing to do with it.

Ironically, he is hated by the Israeli elite too… often used as a scapegoat for the current crime de-jour they are being accused of. “It is Soros making it all up to turn the world against us poor victims of our own arrogance and greed.”


Regardless of solution there will always be an attack on it from one side or another. There are several dozen U.S. Corporations paying 0% in come taxes. Some of these also benefit from Federal government subsidies (your tax dollars) besides paying $0 in income tax. Put a stop to this and get them to pay at least a 10% income tax and you will have billions in revenue instead of corporations paying their CEO’s $100 million pay packages and millions more to politicians to keep the status quo of this corporate scam. Bump the income tax rates back up. In the 70’s the top rate on personal income was 90% over a certain amount. While that is drastic, and not supported even by left-wingers, it should not be at the 35% it is now. Increment levels from one rate to another are a joke. They also need a re-visit. High income earners ($5 million+) clearly have loopholes to shield their taxable income. Tax codes are slanted toward the benefit of the wealthy. (Read the history of the Constitution and its drafting.) I am a middle-middle class earner. I have never benefitted by a tax cut be either political party. The latest fiasco is no different and I can prove it with my tax returns. Trump cannot. The 1% are afraid of Bernie Sanders, as are BOTH political parties.


I agree. The establishment left has gotten a lot of mileage out of crying “antisemitic” wolf and it just feeds the right.

Apparently Sanders bumps Trump as Priority One in “Never Never Land”

Good post; as usual, you see the BS and call it out. Thanks.

Bernie 2020

Libertarians aren’t serious about winning.
George P. can’t beat Bernie!

GOP hacks like these are ensuring the members of the Republican party always get what they want: to have their cake and eat it too. They want to veer as far right as they can get away with, but they also want to be sure that the alternative is still right leaning. That way if they do end up losing, they dont have to lose anything. Rather, they get to play the victim and scream socialist until they’ve successfully labeled them radicals and convinced the electorate their obstructionism was really “do nothing Democrats” doing nothing. The worst part of all of this is that the democratic establishment is stupid enough to welcome the Republican operatives in. So desperate to stop progressives they’re deluded into thinking they have a common goal. They pathetically believe the wolf will be satisfied with his portion , that he has no interest in consuming their serving too. And when he wants theirs too, they just dish out more and more to the gop. Tell us we cant have anything more than scraps to win, as if being left with crumbs isnt already losing.

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Why is Jim Jordan still in Congress? I guess abusing young kids is ok if your a republican??? They didn’t go after Hastert until he was out of office.

Well, i don’t know how much they are paying Tim Miller to get Republicans to swing for moderate Democrats, but they might want to tighten up their budget in this area. Sincce it was a complete failure in slowing Bernies momentum.

The DNC is not serving the voters or the party.