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#NeverAgain: Parkland Students Lead Thousands in Rally to Demand Gun Control Legislation


#NeverAgain: Parkland Students Lead Thousands in Rally to Demand Gun Control Legislation

Julia Conley, staff writer

The steps of the Florida State Capitol building were crowded with thousands of students, teachers, parents, and advocates on Wednesday as survivors of last week's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School led a rally to demand gun control reforms including a ban on military-style firearms.


Keep this up you wonderful young people! Your children’s lives depend upon your bravery. I vow to do my small part, but with solidarity, you CAN change the world.


Keep it rolling kids! Don’t stop!

Many of us can’t be there with you, but wish we could. We have your back!


It’s the guns that also need to be changed. We now live during a time where the possibility of buying a custom designed lifelike robotic replicant lifemate is on the horizon.
If we must live with the idea that gun ownership in America will always be a right, (for normal people) why can we not build a gun uniquely designed for it’s approved owner? Such a gun would be fitted with compact software which would recognize it’s owner but otherwise lock up and/or barrel block and not operate for anyone else. Removing the software would null the gun rendering it totally inoperable. Surely there are a few electronic geniuses out there who could make this a reality.
It might at last to a great degree bring to an end the horrific and regrettable human carnage wrought by guns in the wrong hands.


I use the finger swipe login for my cellphone. Sometimes i have to do it two, three times until it unlocks. Let’s just say that most people won’t wanna be swiping guns fingerprint sensors or waiting for authentication when Nikolas Cruz walks the hallways killing people.


As a parent of two young boys, it is really saddening that Sandy Hook didn’t lead to this. Little children my sons’ age were killed, and nothing was done. No party led the charge, there was nothing like this. However, it is very heartening to see young people out there fighting. Their parents have handed over a country in a state of collapse, and radical changes are needed, but young people are extremely progressive, and the system doesn’t benefit people enough anymore to change that much. People sometimes become more conservative as time goes on, but that wouldn’t be logical in this instance unless the system, our society and economy benefited enough people that they felt a stake in the system as is. Not the case. On the environment alone, radical changes are needed, and these young people will deal with that more than their parents and grandparents will.

How many right wing, insane, reality-less conspiracy theories are going to be thrown out there? The right has never had enough support to win elections where lots of people show up, the question is whether or not the Democrats have enough to get them to show up, not just for the next election, but thereafter. Cause if the Democrats get power (more as a result of people voting against the alternative than having an actual vision to vote for), what exactly will they do with that power, on this issue and others? If the answer is, not much, it will be throw them out time again in the ensuing elections, and those that take their place will make things even worse. At least with the Democrats, their corruption lies in other industries. So, maybe they’ll be worth a damn on this issue. A rarity.


Best idea all day Garry.


“To every lawmaker out there: you can no longer take money from the NRA…
We are coming after every single one of you.”

“We may be too young to vote, but soon we will be able to vote and we will vote you out!”

Sage advice from the clear thinking, UN-BRIBED mind, of youth.

I’m with you.

check out Dictionary’s definition for bribe

Bribe, verb,
1. persuade (someone) to act in one’s favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement.

The kids see it for what it is.


Right On…Right On…Right On!!!


Wow, if only the American media would put this much ink and attention towards returning New Deal PROGRESSIVE TAXATION , and the FCC Fairness Doctrine…


Going after the guns (a Constitutional right of ownership) to stop violence is like making homelessness illegal. It seems to address the issue but really does little to address the underlying causes. Canada is proof you can have liberal gun ownership laws and near zero mass shootings. Mexico is PROOF you can have very restrictive gun laws and be one of the most dangerous places on earth.


May be of interest:
A free e-book on gun reform in Australia by Simon Chapman, Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney. (Note: In Australia ‘professor’ is reserved for heads of university departments with the highest qualifications in their discipline and having an extensive list of peer-reviewed publications.)


It is great that young people see how unreceptive politicians are to their valid concerns. Common sense carries little weight when government’s so-called representatives are as corrupt as ours are. Banning assault weapons is the most minimal change that should occur and despite the courageous uproar, it ain’t going to happen.


More to the point you are actually making, is that you think Cruz shouldn’t have to bother with that ultimately, right?


i am so proud of these youth who have taken it upon themselves to make change when adults couldn’t or wouldn’t. it takes alot of bravery. i think everyone should stop what they are doing on their days of walkouts to show support but go back to work or do what adults do. go kids go!!


The second amendment was written in 1781. At that time that meant that if you were a part of an organized militia you could own a gun. The gun they knew was a single shot musket.
Therefore, the literal reading of this outdated amendment means you could have a musket. How many kids could Cruz have killed with a musket?
Hey, if you feel that you should have an assault rifle, I suggest you re-write the damn thing.


It was his own weapon that the legally bought so it would have been matched to his whatever authentication code people thing there should be. In this particular case it would not have helped in the first place. Now, if we’re talking gangbangers with illegal weapons offing each other in record numbers, maybe.

After each one of these incidents people come up wit all sorts of Hollywood ideas. How about if the psycho kid was in an institution where he belonged, or the FBI had followed up on the tips. There’s laws already on the books.


The “single shot musket” was a top of the line weapon at the time, and no, you didn’t have to be part of a militia. Plus, “well regulated” in the jargon of the time, meant “well trained”.


It seems the textbook definition of insanity is still at play here. We keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
It seems we have two choices now. Either take the guns away, or give them to everybody. That’s right, no student, teacher, or janitor will be allowed in the school without being armed, locked and loaded.
Tell me, how many of us would go into a building filled with petulant teenagers and stressed out and over worked teachers, armed to the teeth?
Most parents would keep their children home, all but closing down the American public education system. Maybe that’s been part of the plan all along.
Just like many Americans who don’t think a single payer heathcare system will work here, too many of us falsely beleive we can’t live without guns. Every other civilized nation seems to be able to do both. But we are after all, Americans. We would rather die than have to emulate someone else’s blueprint for success.


Hey, it’s you gun nuts that read the thing literally. It doesn’t say trained, does it? Then it doesn’t mean trained.
Like I said, if you don’t like the way it’s worded, change it.