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Nevermind the Wall — They’re Building Warehouses


Nevermind the Wall — They’re Building Warehouses

Peter Certo

Most mornings lately, I’ve woken up to two things. First I hear my toddler, sounding off that it’s time to get up. Then I see the news stories about other toddlers our immigration authorities ripped away from their parents.

For weeks, I’ve felt the gnawing need to write something, anything, about it. But God, where even to begin?


Thank you for the article. It’s so bad I’m down to, “make them all citizens right now.” Many kids are being checked back on and have disappeared from the system and while I read an article on the 1500 kids who disappeared last year pointing out many were likely in th human trafficer trade, I believe they are probably in the more profitable organ industry.


Anyone for liberating this country from the Fascists, emptying the prison warehouses of the innocent and throwing the scum of the Earth (formerly known as elites) in along with their enablers?


Hear! Hear! Make it so!
It must be We the People, for the US Fourth Reich owns and controls the government, and it apparently takes its lessons from Hitler’s playbook.
*Cops, courts, and the American Reichstag are all owned and carefully controlled. They do what is necessary to increase the profits of the Oligarchy and to gain more control of the 99.9%. Especially since We the People are finally finding our voice and our nerve.
*Remember, if a cop asks you for your identification, then shoots you as you reach for your wallet, the courts will find that he was acting within the scope of his job and the case will be dismissed. And on, and on, and on.
*We need our Constitutional Republic back, intact and functioning, and this sick, greedy and dysfunctional “government” belongs in Gitmo or an asylum. It is up to us, for they will not do it. If we need a reason, how about the thousands of children yanked from their parents, imprisoned and many disappeared in the system, not to mention heartbroken parents, held in another warehouse.


Pardon my language… of f**king course. I’d either execute these bastards or throw them in the dungeons they deserve. Then maybe I’d head for the cretins who elected this end-point regime (it’s been building to this for decades, but Dump’s Cabal is the worst we’ve seen).

Why nobody has done anything about that vicious, vicious rat Jeff Sessions and the Nazi whores behind him blows my mind. Nielsen, Thomas Homan who brags about his evil…the whole lot of them.

I wonder if any of the electoral college voters who ushered in Dump has publicly recanted…or better yet, committed suicide after writing an apology to America and the World.


My memory is short-circuiting a lot these days; way too much cortisol.

Have any Repubs spoken out blasting King Rodent and DHS for their vile violation of international law?


I can’t post the link. Folks, if you want more to get outraged about, get Amy Goodman’s June 5 Democracy Now! show and see the segment where she interviews Debbie Nathan, famous reporter, who’s trying to inform people of other aspects of what’s happening to the immigrants including having their kids taken from them.

Don’t stroke out.