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Nevertheless, She Persisted – By the Millions

Nevertheless, She Persisted – By the Millions

Michael Winship
Back in 2007, just a month and a half after I was first elected president of the Writers Guild of America East, we and our friends and colleagues at the Writers Guild West were plunged into a strike against the networks and studios. For me, it was one hell of an initiation.

The strike would last a grueling hundred days and the asymmetric warfare we waged was a success, but early on the first morning I arrived at Rockefeller Center concerned that no one would show up for the picket line.

Perhaps, you’re predictions will match events. Still, I wonder if there is not a drawback to giving voice to the predicted catastrophe absent attention to the possible valued or desired outcomes. Words carry spirit. What consequence gets fed on an energy (and eventually on the physical) level when only the dreadful is given voice?

Uh, do you mean Cory Booker and/or Kamala Harris?

Great Article Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

‘Words carry spirit’ and actions speak louder than words.

We’ve seen the actions of Democrats: Feint left, move right. They aren’t fooling as many of us anymore.

Here’s my desired outcome: The Democrats staggering their way to the dustbin of history.

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This could be meaningful, more white women lining up to support the Democrats. A lot of women on the right did vote for Trump because they favor a patriarchy. This gets less notice than the white supremacy on the right but many right wingers believe not only whites should dominate but also males. But it looks like many women are abandoning Trump politically. Perhaps they have had enough of his lack of human decency. Maybe they don’t want their children growing in a country with a government condoning hate against certain groups in the society. It is good to see that this movement has continued into a second year and does not appear to be weakening from resisting Trump and other far right extremists in power.

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IMHO, both of your grammar-checkers (unavailable in days of yore) are suffering from Poly-Anurisms of they’re / their / there Neo-cortical circuitry – knot to mention Clintonista Neo-‘Liberal’-ism – which results in eggsessive-cumpulsatory commatization, along with other air-oars up with witch my gramma would not have put . . .

IMHO, it depends GREATLY upon WHICH DamnocRats the utterly corrupt DNC allows us to vote for.  Those who voted FOR Hilliary simply because she is not a man are just as culpable for the current disaster as those who voted AGAINST Hilliary simply because she is not a man.


The DNC doesn’t decide who you can vote for. You should know that. Candidates who are willing to run decide who we can vote for. If they get enough signatures to get on the ballot then we can vote for them. There may be political conventions at the county and state level to support candidates but any candidate with enough signatures can get on the ballot. People have all kind of delusions about the control that the DNC has. It does have an important function but it does not control which candidates we can vote for.

Are you serious??  The DNC controls the big bucks collected from Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Wall Street, miscellaneous Fat Cats, etc, etc.  So why don’t YOU try running as a DamnocRat and see how far you get without their funding – which, by the way, requires selling out to their neo-“liberal” platform positions.  And
then, when it comes to the Presiduncy, there are the highly democratic stupor-delegates to deal with . . .


We don’t want to get familiar enough with them to know how to spell their names. Neoliberals both.

I’ve been to more than my fair share of protests over the years, all of which were not reported at all, or under-reported including significantly under-estimating crowd sizes. I was gobsmacked by the accurate and widespread reporting surrounding the Women’s March last year. Apparently it was a one-off, and the corporate media has returned to its usual practice of ignoring and misrepresenting non-violent dissent.

Is it too much to hope these women will run as independents or alternative party candidates? Yup; the Women’s March is bound up with the Democratic Party. Considering how most of the architects and draftsmen/women–responsible for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the last election–are still in place, and the Democrats’ war chest is the size of a matchbox compared to the GOP’s, these candidates have a lot to overcome. Although it appears that despite doing next to nothing to rebuild, reinvigorate, and reconstitute the DNC, the Democratic Party just might luck into a power shift in 2018, with no desire to wield it for We the People.

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While the DNC’s war chest is low on $$$, contributions to the DCCC and other Dem organizations are up.

Money, however, is not the best gage of actually winning–enthusiasm is. In that regard, the recent cave ins have been icing on the bad news cake: The Dems have lost a once huge lead on the generic ballot, and the numbers among Independents are abysmal:

Joining the reptardicons that are already there!

Last years’ travesty occurred probably b/c many of us couldn’t bring ourselves to vote for either H-i-l-l-a-r-y or the #shithole fake prez; personally, I wrote-in Chelsea Manning, thereby exercising my right to vote without giving my vote away to undoubtedly the 2 worst candidates in the history of American elections!

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“Great (?) Minds Think [Sorta] Alike” — as in 2012, I wrote in “Bernie & 'Beth” last year.  I hope that there’s someone to vote FOR in 2020 – instead of AGAINST – but I’m not holding my breath . . .

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It’s not the words on the signs…it’s the actions behind the intent!:v:

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The ONLY hope for survival of the DamnocRatic Party is to wrest control thereof FROM the DNC, and return it to its roots as a party of The People. NOT the Korporations.