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Nevertheless She Persists


Nevertheless She Persists

The women have returned to work - and the organizers have been released from jail - but the spirit remains, as does the droll, defiant, audacious art that insists on telling it like it is. The Women's March that keeps on marching has prompted a wave of guerrilla art - from Russian Socialists' subway ads on domestic violence to NYC murals calling out Trump's sexist outrages to the bronze statue facing off against Wall Street's bull - titled, aptly, The Fearless Girl.


Nice statue...but how many of the young girls pictured will in the future make the same salary as their male counterparts in any financial industry? Will there also be a head-to-head parity of male and female employees, especially at the executive levels? Reality is not a bronze statue facing Wall Street.


Sometimes a symbol is the start.


Oh dear....Has EVERYONE forgotten about THIS woman and the Wall Street Bull? Like the movement it symbolized, it seems so....



Symbolic, yes.... And what lasting results did the Occupy movement produce?


In your dreams.


Actually, in my life. But you wouldn't want to know about that.


Nevertheless, things like this give me a little hope. Every little positive is precious these days, as the darkness closes in.


Yup, and that is why people hardly remember it or the image....


Those who participated have no problem remembering. Participating in such symbolic gestures can change your life.


Militarized city police departments?


In my town we have an Occupy radio station, and an Occupy Medics. The Occupy Medics bus provides care to the homeless every Sunday downtown. This is run all by volunteers. Been going on now for close to five years. It took the Executive Branch of the Federal government to shut down the Occupy movement, and they did so by militarizing city police departments across the nation, which brutalized people, illegally detained people in jail without cause, and more. The Occupy movement is not "gone," it's just become part of the collective experience of how the state is attempting to halt all dissent.


I participated in my Occupy camp but I hardly remember it now. When was Occupy again - back in the 1990s or something? Oh... 2011 to 2012? That recent? A key organizer in it (and lots of stuff going back to the anti-global-capitalist days) Nathniel Glosser, died on Dec 31 suddenly under suspicious circumstances. His rich department store family kept everything secret and didn't let anyone attend the funeral. Probably suicide.


At any rate, the much-more fearless anarchist ballet dancer - dancing atop the bull through the tear gas and cops, would have made a much better bronze statue than the little girl facing the bull and dreaming of being a billionaire capitalist stock broker who is exactly as rich as a man stock broker.

Capitalism with gender equality is still capitalism...


Choose and remember what you find meaningful. As a woman (no matter how little I was ever interested in riding that bull), the girl statue, erected by a firm that's in a position to go beyond symbolism, is very meaningful for me.


Reality is more important than symbolism.


Certainly, but sometimes symbolism is all we have to sustain us until we can bring about the reality. By your token, the Statue of Liberty is just as meaningless.


Yunz, why do people like you enjoy putting others down? The words you type are not "real" by themselves, just symbols. But they can be very powerful.


This clever photo-shopped poster was put out by Ad-Busters. When Micah White, one of the "meme" creators tried to monetize the image by selling the poster he was denied by both the woman, and the owner of the "bull" for copyright infringement. This hollow image perfectly encapsulates the "hollow" occupy movement. The disarray of the left continues in its hodgepodge attacks on Trump via its completely discredited identity politics. Bring back the peace anti-war movement!


I applaud your town and its preservation of the Occupy tenets! Were that it to be a widespread approach to caring for all in every community!!!!