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Nevertheless, They Will Persist


Nevertheless, They Will Persist

For now, it's done. But no, this is not over. Jeff Sessions was confirmed by a Neanderthal GOP willing to censor Elizabeth Warren, Coretta Scott King, and all those voicing righteous indignation at the racism, sexism, bullying and political cowardice that is our country's leadership. We salute Warren, Black Caucus members who stormed the Senate, and the thousands of resisters who declares what will be the sorry epitaph for a retrograde GOP: "She was warned....Nevertheless, she persisted.”


"Neanderthal GOP Party"

Please don't insult Neandethals, or Dinosaurs, by comparing then with vicious wanna-be-nazis currently running the USA. Nothing, but nothing could compare with Homo sapiens at its worst.


WE will persist.


That sucking wheezing sound you hear is Uncle Sam choking on a chicken bone. Every one of our Senators, Congress"men", Supreme Court (in)Justices, and military personnel took an oath to uphold our Constitution against all attack, foreign and DOMESTIC, yet the Junta rolls on like Hitler's tanks into Poland, or Soviet tanks into Hungary. The entire Rape-publican party is involved in this overthrow. How do I know? NONE of them has the gonads to say, "Now, Donny, this is the USA, and we have a Constitution that EVERYONE, even your highness, must follow." How did this jerk get sworn into office before he had met all of the requirements of eligibility? Is John Roberts a co-conspirator to this travesty?

The good news is that this is OUR country. Though we hire judges and presidents and adminis-traitors, WE ARE THE JURY of their actions. They work for us. When push comes to shove, some of them may have to spend a few years in Guantanamo to learn that truth. Luckily, the gulag there has lots of empty beds right now, and transportation can be easily arranged. Let's take a vote. How many want to keep our country, and how many want to give it, lock, stock, and barrel, to corrupt Special Interests?

Louder! I can't HEAR you.


Also, please do not compare Mitch McConnell to a turtle. It is an insult to turtles everywhere.


Comparing the public relations gambit of a political opportunist to the activism of real heroes, many of whom risked/risk their very lives to combat ruthless oppression and effect real change in societies is a shameful obscenity.


These far right Neanderthals are on the wrong side of history. They see this just as clearly you and I do, so they are grabbing on to as much power as they can, as quickly as they can, because they know their time is over. The old ways can no longer rule us.


You're not being very clear as to who you mean by "political opportunist," but even the slightest gesture against injustice is important. If you mean to criticize Warren, she certainly did more in her PR gambit than an anonymous comment on CD.


I am referring to Warren. But I am criticizing those who look at Warren and see Harriet Tubman or Malala Yousafzai. However much you may support Warren's career and her rhetoric, there can simply be no comparison to to real heroes and the risks they took, and continue to take.

It's an insult.


No, the insult is to impose a hierarchy. The accident of Warren's being born in this time, in the USA, as a White woman, does not make her witness less important. She got under the skin of oppression, using the tools of her time, place, and station. We women can stand together without fussing about who's in the front row.


No, this is not over. Elizabeth Warren for president 2020.


Perhaps we should crash the phone lines and email server of this enabler of the pussy grabbing Vulgarian virtual reality 'president'?



My little note to the enabler Mcconell:

Your efforts to silence a female senator while allowing male counterparts to read the same letter places you squarely in the same misogynistic camp as the
'pussy grabbing' vulgarian you call your president. Worse still it makes you the monstrous enabler of this useful imbecile. And no, I am not a Democrat.


Steve, please accept my "like" x 1 million.