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New 2020 National Poll Shows Sanders and Warren Tied for First Place as Biden Drops 13 Points

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/26/new-2020-national-poll-shows-sanders-and-warren-tied-first-place-biden-drops-13

O.K., Tin Lizzie, now drop out instead of splitting the vote! We want a STRONG progressive, not a weak-kneed, flow-with-the-current, flip-flopper who would take big bucks in the general.

Oh, I forgot…for those of you who prefer “identity politics” to substance: She IS a woman.

***(NOTE: I am NOT anti-woman. What I am is ANTI-IDENTITY POLITICS! How far would Klinton the Killer have gotten if she were male?)


This is good news, of course, but a few things. For one, the media has given fawning coverage of Warren, they are once again manufacturing consent and it has had an impact. Her rise is obviously a good part her and her campaign, but it has certainly helped just as it helped in 2016. Many of the older voters being polled also watch a media that majorly impacts how they think and who they support. Now, you could argue that she has risen and has a lot of enthusiasm behind her, but so does Bernie, and Bernie was a much bigger story in 2016 for a multitude of reasons. Is the coverage of Warren the same as Bernie’s, then and now? Of course not. There are differences between the two, and if the capitalists, the media they own and the rich journalists thought she was as much of a threat as Bernie then they would not be giving her this coverage. In fact, if he was gone, if there was someone polling well in Biden’s rough ideological area (and someone equally as corrupt) and she was the left flank in this race, she would be treated about the same as Bernie is treated. Those in power can see that if Biden drops out, Bernie is set to potentially benefit more than anyone and there is no one in Biden’s rough ideological area looking well. So, Warren goes from being what would be the left flank of the party to being a compromise candidate. She will not be the left’s candidate if she was able to pull it off with how things are turning out, she will be much closer to Obama in 2008, and I would guess she would govern in similar ways, although she would probably be a little better on issues regarding Wall Street and finance. On many other issues, I doubt there would be a radical difference.

Also, the polls likely understate the support of both of them. The factor in all of this which cannot be polled is exciting those that usually wouldn’t vote to vote. That would be the young, lower income groups and people of color, all of which Bernie does better than others and does better than Warren. Warren though, I would guess, would do a little better than the polls say as she probably does decently well with the young.

I think the differences make Bernie a far better match with the needs of today. Warren wants to rescue a system that is fundamentally flawed, while Bernie wants more radical changes that are actually needed. His climate action plan is far more detailed and calls for much greater structural changes (which the science shows we need), and we need far more than Warren offers on that. His student cancellation bill is better (as far as I am concerned), he is more trustworthy on single payer and she is bad on foreign policy. Those differences are why she is covered more positively by the corporate media and why she would be an “compromise” candidate. She has already said that while she does not take corporate money now, she might in the general election, has hired on some really questionable advisers (for me at least) and she has waffled on single payer.

I look at her proposals and while they would certainly be a step in the right direction, they do not go as far and we need structural changes. So what she is pushing for would be little more than a path along the way to far more structural changes if Bernie was elected. For me, Bernie is much better and would push for much more structural changes, so even if he didn’t get all of what he wanted, it would be a compromise on far more substantial changes than the more (relative to Bernie at least)compromised or “moderate” change Warren calls for.

But, if she is better than Biden, so that is good news.


Probably Monmoth just did not inflate the figures for Biden and Harris, as was done in at least some cases elsewhere.

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Remember the NDAA legislation? This Act is designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution as does the Patriot Act. Warren voted for the NDAA in 2018.


Excellent post, Joan! One thing I would add is this: People need to notice and remember the HARD WORK Bernie does everyday (And HAS DONE FOR DECADES!) talking with people and walking his talk by joining union pickets, visiting REAL PEOPLE where they work and live and, generally, reaching out to “We the People” on a regular basis.


Right now on MSN (Microsoft News) is a story from Fox News stating Sanders, Warren, and Biden are in a 3 way tie.

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USA Today and the Hill are saying its a 3 way too. Giving Status Quo Joe the boost


I posted this in another thread, but it seems appropriate here too

Warren, former-Republican, may not be progressive

This is a huge concern for me. Remember Obama ran a Progressive as hell campaign, and then governed as a Republican and was so proud of that, and so comfortable with it that he bragged about his Republican policies in a TV interview.
Warren might be doing the same thing (since it worked so well for Obama…and Trump btw). The term Judas Goat keeps flashing a red light for me.

I believe track Records - like Bernie’s. And Biden’s for that matter. You know where Biden is at because of his consistent track record. He’s a corporate stooge and always will be. I have a real problem with Political Epiphany (like Warrens) because Talk is so cheap for so many politicians

She has recently proudly stated " I am a Capitalist". Red Flag!


Warren has always been on board the liberal imperial project. always.

she’d rule very similarly to Hillary Clinton but has better judgment than Clinton. And more competence, but that’s what I find scary about her.

The worst of America will continue with Warren. Sanders, at least, might throw up some genuine opposition to the way things are. Or work the hell out of that pulpit, which is also important (ask Trump how that goes).

I just don’t see these two candidates as being all that equivalent. But the media will work their “interchangeability” to death. They’ll want Warren something fierce.


We don’t need an 80’s Republican bringing her 80’s Republican world view, as the Democrat alternative.


Wall Street reportedly no longer considers Biden investment grade, definitely not a growth stock. But who can they hedge with-out of luck we hope.

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Sample size is pretty small, and the margin of error quite large. I’d like to see more results from larger polls before celebrating.


Yeah, “sloppy Joe” will continue to tank as people can see he just isn’t up to the task in any way, especially in energizing voters!
That is a job for super Bernie Sanders, who has the ideas, platform, integrity, wisdom, and massive energy and grasp of the gravity of the moment on Mother Earth and America.

Bernie Sanders, the Real Deal, working overtime for the “Little People”, a sustainable future, and actual justice for all !


Agree with everything you said, except Monmouth polled age and ethnic groups in proper proportions.

That said, the extremely small sample size (298 voters, WTF?) and high margin of error (5.7%, WTF?) make this particular poll highly suspect.

And yeah, Warren is way too waffly to trust. And damn, anyone’s better than Byedone.


The only reason Warren gets any “fawning coverage” from M$M is because she’s the last stopgap to prevent that damned socialist from winning. Warren behaved like a phony before, what would lead anyone to believe she won’t continue as phony as a three-dollar bill?

Just one example of many: Warren stood and applauded when Orangeman declared war on socialism. (I think Tulsi did, too.) What a helpful straw-poll to register imperialists Orangeman administered!


Gone unnoticed is Warren stating at the last debate “enough talk about illegal immigration, we are going to need a lot more legal immigration in the future”. Also gone unnoticed is Trump saying to reporters a couple of weeks ago that “we are going to need millions more legal immigrants to fill all the new jobs from all the new factories being opened up”.

Bernie, meanwhile, wisely calls for a pathway to citizenship, humane treatment of asylum seekers but, being pro-American worker as he is, doesn’t advocate for excessive immigration…likely the winning stance in the 2020 general election.

Warren while better than Biden can’t carry Bernie’s lunch bag. She does not have the credibility history that Bernie has. That said a Sanders/Warren ticket would be unbeatable. I prefer Tulsi but Warren with her support combined with Bernie and Trumpo the clown is gone to prison.


The paid Biden/DNC apologists over at HufPo are calling that poll an outlier. lol

No more capitalists, ever! A caring, People and Planet Socialism is the Way!