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New Abortion Laws Contribute to Sexist Environments That Harm Everyone’s Health

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/09/new-abortion-laws-contribute-sexist-environments-harm-everyones-health

Pro-gestation slavery laws contribute to:

  • Sexism
  • Reproductive-age females as nothing more than Handmaid fetus chambers
  • Pain and injury for women (gestation and childbirth hurt–a lot)
  • Rapists and incestuous men fathering unwanted children
  • New humans born to suffer, age, and die
  • Increased environmental destruction inherent to every new birth.

I’d point out that “women in powerful leadership roles” in corporations and many in “public service” are as culpable as men in the propagation of this toxic environment.

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“If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”
–Flo Kennedy

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One thread of this is a general lack of medical care within the States.

One historical response to this was to travel outside the country for medical care. For various reasons, medical care is more available both north and south of the US border.

Up into the 1970s, a lot of women were lost because of all the social stigma and because too few people knew specifics about medical options and about honest practitioners. Unless and until government non-cooperation becomes really extreme, this does not need to progress to the same point that it did simply because information has become more accessible.

Outside of social support and probably often money, what people will need to know will be practitioners, highway directions, plane flights, and probably accomodations.

A lot of people go to Mexico for dental and medical care now. I suppose it’s not altogether surprising that they do not advertise for the doctors that they go to. We may arrive at a place where we have to do better than that.

Are the states that restrict abortions also the states that would not pass the Equal Rights Amendment? Are they states that still believe in the subjugation of women? Are they states that do not believe in separation of church and state? Men need to have vasectomy and stop blaming women for unwanted pregnancies. Or are men refusing to give women equal rights? Or do men just want to build the cult of men by enslaving women to produce children for their male superior religions?