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New Abortion Rights Strategy in States and Localities


New Abortion Rights Strategy in States and Localities

Gloria Totten

The battle over abortion rights legislation is being fought almost entirely at the state level, with skirmishes in localities. This will most likely continue to be true for years to come.

The anti-abortion forces understand this dynamic, have focused their resources on state legislation, and over the past five years have enacted more than 300 new abortion restrictions in the states.


The lineage of life does not end at Birth.
There are millions of families who are not able provide adequately for the life that they have brought into being.
Then there is the issue of child abuse and the spectrum of life that the child may experience once on this planet.
IF life were indeed to be celebrated, then the construct of what that entails needs to be established first.

If we are to look at the way we have chosen to live our lives, and how we are planning for our own demise, and contextualize the event of a new birth, then we can have an honest discussion about the inter relationships of an additional life form. The women's right to choose then would hold a substantive part in that equation.


"The reason why the anti-abortion forces control the message frame is that we debate their legislation, not ours. They decide what they want to talk about—e.g. the sale of fetal parts. Then they plan a campaign around it and they introduce legislation across the states (currently pending in California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wisconsin). Our side simply responds, repeating their frame, and simultaneously convincing the media that this is the debate to cover."

The above is true on a tactical level; however, it leaves out two things:

  1. There is a massive right wing disinformation network and it has its share of viewers.

For instance, I like to listen to Alex Jones and Greg Hunter to get "their skinny" on what's happening to the global economy. They have intelligent guests on like Gerald Celente, Nomi Primms, and Paul Craig Roberts.

Then they start talking about Planned Parenthood trafficking in baby body parts AS IF it's true, and a lot of people believe them.

2.. The clout of a vast network of right wing churches generally sticks with a very rigid narrative and just as it pushed the Crusades-level frame of a War against Islam that has a LOT of support within this not particularly erudite community, it also pushes the abortion is evil/Planned Parenthood sold unborn baby body parts meme.

When there are strong covert networks that specialize in pushing disinformation, and a lot of this infuses the "faith-based" community, exposure to ACTUAL FACTS and what's indisputably true does not matter! It does not pierce the armor worn by these individuals via their shields of blind faith.

And that's very dangerous.

In fact, it's so dangerous that one of the foremost reasons why European settlers moved to "the new world" was to get away from Kings and Papacies telling them what they could do, think, believe, worship, etc.

The wall between church and state is just as important as the wall intended to protect investment banking from Wall St. speculation (Glass-Steagall). The breach of both of these walls has done interminable harm to this nation and its would-be Democratic Liberties and Ideals.