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New ACLU Suit Challenges Legality of Trump's Election Commission


New ACLU Suit Challenges Legality of Trump's Election Commission

Julia Conley, staff writer

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on Monday against President Donald Trump's commission on so-called "voter fraud," arguing the controversial panel has operated under a level of secrecy that violates federal law.


Imagine. All of our personal information, 190-million registered voters, in the hands of corporations. These so-called persons must be tackeled, tied and relieved of all power by We the People, before they permanently take America over. When, depends on 2018 and 2020 elections that must be won by “progressives” - All in. No one out. These elections will depend on who does what, when and how, so we kick these savages out! This scenario must be figured out. Bernie. Jill. Are you up to it? We the People are behind you. Let’s give it a must GO!


Hello Julia Conley and Everyone, The right wing knows that it must remove more than 3 million plus voting population increase in 2020 just to get the same number of votes. This means that they will have to redouble their efforts in each and every election including the 2018, the 2020, the 2022 and the 2024 just to name a few upcoming elections as part of their election rigging schemes!!! LCS, LCS and of course LCS (Lying, Cheating and Stealing IOKIYAR)!!!


Uh, even if there are dead people on rolls, dead people don’t vote. In fact, the whole voter fraud thing is a massive projection from people like yourself, so you can feel right about ensuring the “wrong” people don’t vote. And, you know, it’s okay. It is not uncommon for anti-democratic people to advocate making countries less democratic. There’s always room in the world for people who enjoy unchecked single-party controlled governments, like United Russia in Russia. If it wasn’t barred in the constitution, you’d probably being ask for a “little” poll tax too. Whatever works to limit the franchise to the “right” people, right?

The irony is, here’s who committed real fraud in the last election:

Funny, huh?


No. Are you?


A good start. Now file suits against all states that used Crosscheck in last election.
Thank you ACLU and Greg Palast.