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New Amnesty Map Documents 'Shocking Extent' of US Police Violence Against Black Lives Matter Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/new-amnesty-map-documents-shocking-extent-us-police-violence-against-black-lives


Perhaps the cops should be told that All Laws Matter!


it should be noted here that it is the Democratic mayors and governors who have armed the police like soldier to attack the only enemy available to them --the public–it was they who set the tone for the the epidemic of killer cops–who have prosecuted our minority communities with constant violence for decades–it was the current Democratic candidate for president who was largely behind the war on minorities(called the war on drugs) that filled the private prisons with the new slaves of the aristocracy(also a major source of Democratic funding)–that the Republicans are so much worse is no comfort–it is time to get rid of everyone of these failed politicians and replace them with people actually interested in a viable -vibrant society–instead of the constant disaster we are faced with daily


rabid dogs (police) are being expose. What happen to law and order?

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"Isolated" or “Institutional,” look at the map.

Not just a few bad eggs. The majority of the carton is irreparably broken.


“dizzying array of violations by law enforcement across the country.”

A taste of things to come perhaps.


The police - the “law-enforcement” - business and jobs-program is an Occupation Army! - the public the “enemy”, and the “crimes” opportunities to stop, search, and “fish” to find some crime or infraction to use as justification to treat people (mostly people of color and the poor) as perps and perhaps arrest - to justify their increasing numbers, toys, violence, brutality and harassment and intrusion into people’s daily lives!
The cannabis prohibition has been a primary tool for police; likewise alcohol, auto violations, jay-walking or walking while black, and “reports of suspicious people” by white racists, and regardless of any threat or justifications the immediate use of brutal violence if the intentionally provocative demands and orders are not instantly complied-with - servile submission is demanded! ANY whiff of standing-up for oneself or questioning the gestapo pigs or their intentional game is cause for attack and often shooting or killing in some other manner!

An Occupation Army of people chosen to follow orders - not too smart -, and be violent as their training and often personal preferences demand!


Correct. Stopping people for misdemeanors whilst the big crooks go free. As was the case of this man in Paris who died as a result of brutal force:



I applaud Amnesty International for creating the map of police violence, but everyone should note, when looking at specific incidents on the map, not all of the dots are placed accurately on the map. I discovered this checking 2 dots in my state, and found that neither one actually occurred in my state, and were approx. 50-75 mi. from where the incident happened.

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The bill of rights matters. Nobody has more contempt for the law than a law enforcement officer. Nobody except maybe the president, and his whole cabinet, and the intelligence agencies, and the senate, and the supreme court, and the attorney general.


Give sadists weapons and they will have a strong desire to use them. These countless ‘bad apples’ are succeeding in ruining the whole bunch. When they finish killing blacks and minorities they will turn on each other with some other stupid justification for doing so - until there is no one left - except elites. Our country is exposing itself to be a pretty sadistic society.


Exactly so Lynne!

A quote from a favorite author, Jack Vance, who was much more, is this, specific to police and their mindset.

“Humanity many times has had sad experiences with super-powerful police forces……As soon as police slip out from under the firm thumb of a suspicious local tribune, they become arbitrary, merciless, a law unto themselves. They think no more of justice, but only of establishing themselves as a privileged and envied elite. They mistake the attitude of natural caution and uncertainty of the civilian population as admiration and respect, and presently they start to swagger back and forth, jingling their weapons in megalomaniac euphoria. People thereupon become not masters, but servants. Such a police force becomes an aggregate of uniformed criminals, the more baneful in that their position is unchallenged and sanctioned by law. The police mentality cannot regard a human being in terms other than an item or object to be processed as expeditiously as possible. Public convenience or dignity means nothing; police prerogatives assume the status of divine law. Submissiveness is demanded. If a police officer kills a civilian, it is a regrettable circumstance: the officer was possibly overzealous. If a civilian kills a police officer all hell breaks loose. The police foam at the mouth. All other business comes to a standstill until the perpetrator of this most dastardly act is found out. Inevitably, when apprehended, he is beaten or otherwise tortured for his intolerable presumption. The police complain that they cannot function efficiently, that criminals escape them. Better a hundred unchecked criminals than the despotism of one unbridled police force.” – Jack Vance.


The vid below does not involve an AA suspect, but demonstrates very well what your talking about per police commands. The “suspect” is visibly terrified, trying to comply with the commands, and begging for his life. He was killed, and the cop was acquitted of murder charges.

“Unarmed Man Begs For Life, Shot By police”

This was a popular vid when it happened in 2017, but if any of you haven’t seen it, it needs a look. Caution it is graphic.


USA police kill three of us every day. One thousand every single year, year after year. Before George Floyd was murdered, and since George Floyd was murdered. You can practically set your calendar by it. There’s an amazing map of 2019’s 1,004 slayings out at killedbypolice:



You must have missed the memo! “Law & Order” is WhiteSpeak for “Keep the blacks & browns in their place”.


Amnesty International missed a lot of the police violence incidents. Their map shows NONE for here in the capital city of the Mississippi of the Midwest (aka Indianapolis, Indiana) and there were at least a half dozen cases here; including a couple that actually got cops ‘disciplined’.


The U. S. was born from sadism, violence, repression, denial of human rights, imperialism . . . the government also does a good job with suppressing information and creating distractions and diversions, and establishing a legal/judicial/enforcement/incarceration system that is inequitable, violent, and biased in its origins and at its core. The government has succeeded wildly in fomenting antagonism among the massive lower classes in order to pit them against one another. For example, politicians abuse the Constitution in order to use religion as a wedge issue, and along with that, adopt and promote extremist positions in order to distract a substantial proportion of the population from the fundamental issues of injustice, poverty, economic inequity, and government crimes against humanity, all based upon a system of law contrived to abet the extremism of capital pillagers and rapists of the earth and all that lives. Many cops are sadists, and the rest collaborators, and that is by design of the rulers.


Biden is crap no doubt but cops is cops +https://medium.com/@OfcrACab/confessions-of-a-former-bastard-cop-bb14d17bc759

Trained killers who apparently enjoy baiting and dehumanizing people at their mercy - then shooting and killing/murdering them - usually with zero consequences!

Here is another cop murder video I have posted before of the shooting of James Boyd outside Albuquerque, homeless and “camping without a permit”, bothering no one - the SWAT team sent with the pre-meditated results!


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Exactly! When the right wing nuts say law and order…THEY REALLY ARE SAYING: WEALTHY WHITE LAW AND WEALTHY WHITE ORDER!