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New Analysis Catalogs Trump's Controversy-Riddled Cabinet-Level Selections


New Analysis Catalogs Trump's Controversy-Riddled Cabinet-Level Selections

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the heads of Veterans Affairs and the Environmental Protection Agency face intense scrutiny over taxpayer-funded travel decisions, a new


Campaign promises have less substance than cotton candy. Candidates make them, and elected officials break them. The only possible punishment has to wait for the next election cycle, by which time it’s much too little, and way too late.

And does anybody really expect Twitler’s base to believe how badly they’ve been punked?


Looks like Trump is filling the swamp and not draining the swamp. Tax payer funded flights for personal motives seems to be a particularly popular evil of this cabinet. They need to be forced by congress to reimburse the government for those flights.


His cabinet picks were of people opposed to the agencies they were to run. Each one of them hated the agency they were to be in charge of and Congress rubber stamped them into office. Thus America was lost by using people misusing their 3 lb apeman brain. It wasn’t stupid on djt’s part, he wanted to dismantle America and he has done so. He stated his goals during the campaign and 1/3 of the people loved it. Nobody paid attention to Madison’s Federalist Paper #10 where he explains what will happen when minority factions that rule a government come into power. A few, not many, historians discussed it in not too great a detail and it was lost in the roar of maga. These people are tearing America apart at the seams, literally. And the other 2 branches of our government do nothing to stop it. The president and his cabinet are running a chop-shop.


Kind of makes one think a parliamentary system would be a better option. Just like with our election system we seem to be stuck in a swamp we can’t get out of.


We are in a great constitutional crisis but no one in congress seems to notice or care.


No, he drained it and then turned it into a cesspool.


Yes, that is very true. It started the moment he was sworn into office and not in compliance with the Constitution. Chief Justice Roberts should have upheld the Constitution and refused to swear him in until he was in compliance. He was our last hope and he didn’t do it.


That’s a long-term project, but I think we can change things for the better in the short term by increasing the number of representatives to more accurately reflect our population.

The current number, 435, was established in 1912 to fit the population of about 95 million according to the 1910 census. It was codified in 1929, as I recall, and hasn’t changed despite our population having more than tripled since then.

Raising the number of representatives would have several benefits, including making gerrymandering and bribery—er, campaign contributions—much more difficult and expensive. For those and other reasons, it would no doubt be fiercely opposed by those who currently benefit from the status quo, which should make it all the more urgent.


The Swamp is so clearly infested with deadly venomous snakes and filth, that it should be labeled by the EPA as a “Superfund-Site.”


Good points. And I think that campaign contributions should only come from registered voters who live in the districts. I would also like to see more of the tax system localized with each county paying the state on one return and each state paying the federal government one return. There would be 50 federal income tax returns. This would give more power to state & local governments to retain funds for their use. The states could go a better job preventing give aways to the federal government. Of course, the federal government should enforce laws that prevent states and local governments from behavior that violated civil rights but I still think we need more money locally than sent to DC and Wall Street.


I see the photo of the cabinet meeting says they are praying. Are you sure it isn’t them preying on the 99%?


Everything Trump (including his anatomy) comes up short – toss him and his entire cabinet, family, etc into the swamp and let them rot!


Trump is here b/c way too many of our fellow peons are at least 2 cans short of a 6-pack, so no, they have no clue