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New Analysis of GOP Tax Scam Shows "Corporate Cheapskates" Not Sharing Windfall With Workers


New Analysis of GOP Tax Scam Shows "Corporate Cheapskates" Not Sharing Windfall With Workers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Bolstering poll results and expert analysis indicating that the tax plan Republicans forced through Congress last year is primarily benefiting big businesses and wealthy Americans, a new report finds ve


Someone somewhere must have surely pointed out that one-time bonuses are hardly a substitute for an ongoing living wage. Or a substitute for universal single-payer health care, which would do more for the working class and the true middle class than handouts to already filthy rich mega corporations. When the bonus crap was in the news all I could do was shake my head and spit.


It is imperative that this country is taken back, out of the hands of corporations. If that does not happen…forget about any major changes. How will we do this? We have a corporate/business oriented president, a Congress in the pocket of corporations, and on and on.


Anyone who really believed this was anything but pure theft, was definitely deluded.

All involved with its passage and implementation should be hunted down and skinned.



Even folks who are content to watch “Roseanne” and Wrestling will be part of the Revolutionary Army storming Washington DC with you and me, before your food lines begin.

Please, roll back the “Gloom and Doom” a little.


Gee, what a BIG surprise.

AMEN!!   Clean up the cesspool that is Washington, D.C. — starting with the Turds at the Top . . .


The swamp and cesspool are not getting cleaned up. They continue to expand.

Even the 99% who don’t work for corporations (that benefit from December’s inequality exacerbation act disguised as tax reform) won’t get lower taxes beyond getting token breaks during the next couple of years.


I am amazed that Common Dreams keeps posting these “big news” stories such as this that are yet simply another example that the capitalist economy never works to the advantage of the working class majority.

“Progressives” and “left wing” Democrats are forever trying to somehow reform, tax, micro-manage
capitalism to ameliorate the intrinsic criminal and barbaric nature of capitalism. In order to end the barbarism
created by the capitalist economy the capitalist economy itself must be ended!

A new economy that is dedicated towards providing and maintaining a socialist economy. That is, an economy that provides a universal minimum standard of living for all people.

Many anti-capitalist perspectives available!
Richard D. Wolff http://www.rdwolff.com
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This has been going on for at least forty years- just got worse after the global financial meltdown


Dan, there are many of us who have been waiting that long and more for the American People to wake up to their country being stolen right under their noses.

Yes, it looks really bad out there Dan, however, We the People have the Power.

Not those 536 MF’RS in Washington DC.

Us. We simply must organize and use it.


Trumpites told us that the boost to the economy from corporations using their tax cuts to build factories and hire American workers, and to pay them more, would pay for those tax cuts. It is no surprise that this didn’t happen. A few corporations made a big show of giving their workers $1,000 bonuses. This is does not even register on the same scale as that used for the money they are reinvesting in their own stocks. It did not take an economist to see this coming. The tax cuts are basically removed from the economy, so where, oh where, will the money come from to pay for them. Cuts to Social Security and Medicare? Impossible, since they are independent trust funds and not part of the federal budget. How about out of Congressional salaries and benefits? Shut down the cafeteria and make them bring sack lunches. Yeah, now there’s an idea!


Well, Duh!


My tax accounted calculated that my wife and I will pay a total of about $900 less next year in taxes if we used the exact same numbers. Its clear that the Oil Companies aren’t using their tax cuts to lower fuel prices. Instead, they are up using the unrest in Syria etc. that Trump is creating to justify the price increase. So this $900 tax relief for the year will be eaten up by higher fuel prices and end up in the hands of the corporations. Yet another way this is robbing us!