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New Analysis Shows Billionaires' Dream of Space Tourism Would Be Disaster for Emissions, Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/13/new-analysis-shows-billionaires-dream-space-tourism-would-be-disaster-emissions

The vehicle SpaceX is planning to use for future manned flights, point to point transport and for space tourism in particular is called Starship with a dedicated heavy booster. Both will be powered by the Raptor engine, which uses Methane instead of Kerosene as fuel. With methane a CO2-neutral fuel cycle can be realized for rockets if the stored energy is coming from carbon neutral sources such as solar. The engine is well developed and has been flown on the Starhopper test article already. A prototype for Starship is under construction. The fuel cycle using synthetic methane will be needed for SpaceX plans to fly to Mars. We do not know how far the company has developed that technology, yet.
It remains to be seen if these plans to make space travel sustainable (in regards to resources and carbon neutrality) will be achieved.

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“According to Musk, it would take about 1,000 SpaceX Starship rockets to transport all of the necessary cargo and crew to Mars. Then, he suggested, it would take about 20 years to set up all the necessary infrastructure to get the city up and running.”

Er, what about oxygen? And will there be a walmart? Just asking.

See the earth and rocks under your feet? Most of the mass is oxygen. It’s the same with water where nearly all the mass is oxygen. Martian regolith and Martian water are the same. Oxygen is everywhere.

This is why people ignore the progressive/environmentalist community on these issues. There’s never a good idea / opportunity for human progress that can’t be stunted by environmentalists concerned about some environmental impact. The scientific / human gains of being able to colonize Mars so clearly outweigh the emissions impact of rocket launches that it shouldn’t even be a discussion topic. However, if environmentalists had their way, they’d stop the research before it started.

But not enough to be breatheable by humans. (Well not enough to exist). Never mind the gravity!!

How much pollution is generated by producing liquid hydrogen as the fuel? Burning liquid hydrogen produces only steam.

There are many articles saying that perchlorates are common on Mars. Extracting oxygen from them should be much easier than extracting it from rocks.

There are 1 billion cars on earth. Assuming only 500,000,000 run every day, the output added by a very aggressive space program would be comparably negligible. Let’s keep moving toward electric cars and green energy infrastructure, and not worry about the space programs minuscule addition to our current situation!!

Earth is way cooler than Mars. Musk has started an atmospheric nightmare as other narcissistic doofs put their vehicles into space, Mars, and moon transportation. Can you illustrate a cross section of the cause and effect? So, what exactly has the airline industry done to our atmosphere? Go put the Garden of Eden on Mars and put an A.I. man and woman then call them sinners. That should start Mars right up. Yay! Wait, lets not pollute Mars. Jesus walked Mars you know. Yes, Gods son carried a cross to Mars and carried golden tablets to the martian insects and built a Shrine. And, so it begins. Yikes. Thanks Musk. Look what you achieved. Just like The inventor of the internet. Thank you so much for your contribution to humanity, I mean Christianity. I guess I’ll go get a big gun and shoot people. Nah, I’ll just enjoy life on Earth, eat a Mango and smoke a joint on a Caribbean Beach. Won’t find that on Mars. Oh my god, thats what we should do to Mars. Grow Ganja, I mean Christ. Nevermind, no one understands me except the Creator who laughs at our ignorance. Im off to make glass expressions. Bye.