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New Analysis Shows Federal Marijuana Legalization Could Raise $130 Billion, Add 1 Million Jobs by 2025


Good chance legalization will be on the ballot here in MI this year.

I’ll vape to that.


go away, please . .a new industry like DUI? . .wow . .


Ya. I bet the little cretin got threatened by stoners…
Now he needs to go down, hard.


Hopefully. Watch Snyder and crew with oppressive legislation, again.
Good luck, I’ll toke to passage.:herb::v:


Right on. This is about one thing in my opinion. Liberty! Why are people so afraid of such a wonderful plant?


The Corporate Person © is afraid of it.


i believe it was when the dupont corporation wanted government contracts to replace the huge hemp industry with their synthetic nylon products for military and the fishing industry that put the kibosh on cannabis. because cannabis looks so much like hemp dupont wanted this natural fiber outlawed. that put a whole lot of hard-working people in the unemployment line.


There were more than one wealthy industrialists and industries that worked to make Industrial Hemp (IH) illegal to protect their own monopolies. Paints and oils, paper, cotton historically and well as overt racism, and today’s safe effective medicinal treatments for a wide variety of diseases and conditions, alternative to petroleum-based plastic, foodstuffs - there is also a link to the poison chemical fertilizer/pesticide conglomerates since Cannabis and Hemp need little or NONE (as opposed to cotton) required to grow cannabis/hemp!.. and on and on.

END the Prohibition! end the WOD! Legalize it in ALL its uses!

NOTE - these giant images linked to a news/informational site/story are REALLY annoying - wish there was an alternative less space-consuming…


As usual, I couldn’t stick around to continue the conversation, but just wanted to say thanks to all for being generous and not pointing out that it is Feynman, and not Feinman. Red-faced. Realized it after the edit window had closed.


thanks! i’ve saved the info to my “cannabis” file!


UPDATE on the panic after the threats by AG sessions.