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New Analysis Shows Push for Green New Deal Hindered by Silence of Corporate Media


New Analysis Shows Push for Green New Deal Hindered by Silence of Corporate Media

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new analysis by one of the nation's top public interest advocacy groups shows that even as the planet and humanity face an existential threat due to the climate crisis, most corporate media outlets in the U.S. have largely ignored the urgent need for a Green New Deal and the growing political movement demanding it.


This is a must see video-- w great pictures and explains it all.


Jeeze, ya think? The corporate media a part of the corruption serving other corrupt corporations (or divisions of their empire).

When our republic’s critical Fourth Estate was abandoned by self-interested elected reps and allowed to be sold-off, corrupted. manipulated and silenced/muzzled/censored, the effect was the end of providing the nation with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! No nation can stand long without that critical and essential arm of society that keeps the public citizenry honestly informed and aware what is being done in their names or how private corporate interests use and abuse them.

When media is sold-off deceit and lies flourish as we are seeing from corporate interests subverting “representative” government, and by the hour from the tiny tin-pot dictator and pathological liar in the WH. The ability to pull the wool over the eyes of an uninformed public is central as to why politicians of both parties can get-away with bald-faced lies and failure to actually work for the Common Good, rather than today the near triumph of overt evil and corruption on a level never seen before!


and now Democrats support our occupation of Syria and Afghanistan more than Republicans . . . . Thanks Left-Wing Media!


In a direct democracy and lacking a Fairness Doctrine, we could revoke their broadcast licenses. The airwaves belong to the public.


Over the time span analyzed, Rachel Maddow talked about Russia and remaining in Syria forever two dozen times. Speaking of cozying up to the establishment, did anyone see this waste of $83,000:


With the amount of cross ownership of Corporations and knowing that the media gets most revenues via advertising from these Corporations that are wreaking havoc with the environment , it a given the Corporate media serves one master and one master only and that is MONEY.


Who needs the Media? In fact, what do They have to do with any of it? They don’t have any Power to Silence anything but themselves which would be a good thing. All they do is spew Lies. The GND should move forward with a Vengeance! This is our time to finally start something good for Ourselves for a change as we have nothing left to lose…I suggest we not waste this once in a lifetime opportunity/! Full Steam Ahead!


Speaking of silence,

When, not if, houses cost-effienctly solar-heat themselves in winter using thermal mass to store the heat (rocks will work and they’re cheap and permanent, so will tanks of water but someday they’ll leak), half of the demand for the natural gas industry will dry up.

When, not if, solar thermal stored heat (or a competitor such as pumped hydro, and may the best system win) generates your nighttime electricity, there goes the other half of the demand for the natural gas industry.

When, not if, freeways are replaced, probably by some type of above-grade hanging transit system, the gasoline industry will dwindle pretty fast. WARNING: battery-powered cars are currently fossil fuel hogs because of the energy needed to mine and build the batteries.

Now, engineers are paid handsomely to work on clean coal, and they’re not paid anything to work on solar thermal. So why on Eaarth would you expect solar innovation in the next five or ten years if you didn’t pay for it?

No, the corporate media never talk about these things that guarantee fossil fuel industry profits. My advice to you is, try hard to educate yourself because they sure won’t help you.


The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.


Does the fact that Rachel Maddow now only uses Russian dressing on all her salads, even to marinate her Chicken Kiev in, mean she’d now have to switch to Green Goddess? How does that work with chicken?


Posting stories like that, you make it hard for me to keep my lunch down. Hope the thorns weren’t removed.


I don’t like Russian Dressing Or Maddow!


What makes me wanna Vomit is many Govt workers are putting up Go Fund Me Pages! Hey, want your Pay? Go get it!!!


I agree, and anyone who uses the media as an excuse is a coward and a moron. Besides, it’s nature that determines this not the media.


Really? So these highly paid workers with pensions no less are having the gall to put up go fund mes? Good grief- no wonder we are in trouble!


Ok So media not doing their job. Time to flood the halls of NPR, CBS, MSNBC, … Make life a little bit more real for these corporate hacks posing as journalists. Seriously, this tactic would be particularly effective led by young people.
Don’t let these people ignore you. Take the message to their house, make them the news. Do they think they live on a separate planet?


Considering how much advertising is purchased by the fossil fuels mafia and their associates: is it any surprise that big corporate mass media would remain mute about something that is an existential threat to a big income source?


Good post. Bernie is one of the only Senators to stand up to the military industrial complex.


I think this story should be filed under the ‘Well…Duhhh!’ category.

When are we going to realize that ALL our mass media are under the control of the Super Wealthy Elites who rule over our nation?

What this story is saying is, “Those gol’ dang Elites won’t help us defeat them. Those do good dirty bastards are using their mass media to only support their own interests”.