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New Analysis Suggests GOP Has Finally Realized How Unpopular It Is to Lavish Corporations and the Rich With Huge Tax Giveaways


New Analysis Suggests GOP Has Finally Realized How Unpopular It Is to Lavish Corporations and the Rich With Huge Tax Giveaways

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what appears to be a tacit admission that "massive tax cuts to the wealthy, rich CEOs, and big corporations don't resonate with voters," vulnerable congressional Republicans up for reelection in 2018 have drastically curtailed promotions of their tax law in digital ad campaigns and on social media ahead of the November midterms, according to a Reuters


From a tweet by Sean Illing:

“A familiar pattern: lie about the intent and consequences of a policy, pass it on behalf of the donor class, and then pivot to totally irrelevant culture war issues and hope the victims are too dumb to notice.”

And they’ll keep on doing it until it stops working for them. Historically, fascists rule by fraud and force; when their frauds become apparent is when they’re at their most dangerous.


You can fool some of the fools some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the fools all of the time.

The fools that voted for these Greedy Old Pricks are not as stupid as they pretend.

In November, it’s not going to be just a wave, but a tsunami that cleans up much of the corruption that enabled this massive robbery of our treasuries.


“Finally realized” ???

Give me a break. Just as the best Congress money can buy knew how unpopular the “bipartisan” 1986 tax reform (the most regressive tax reform in history up until December 2017) was and how unpopular the 2001 tax cuts were, they knew all along how unpopular 2017 tax cuts were, no “new analysis” required.

A rebate check in the mail (to everybody who paid taxes in 2000) gimmick accompanied the 2001 cuts.

The 2017 cuts were a back room construct during the Christmas holiday season when it was easy to distract attention with reduced withholding following shortly thereafter.

Reduce withholding is not a tax cut. Many working class taxpayers will find they owe more on their 2018 returns due to the reduce withholding. The GOP knows that they can still make tax cuts part of their 2018 re-election strategy since nobody will file a 2018 return until at least two months after the November 2018 election.


I hope you are correct about that tsunami, but I won’t hold my breath. Here in North Idaho, Democrats have virtually no signs or ads. If there are a few signs, they definitely do not identify with the Dem party - that would be a death knell here.


“Here in North Idaho, Democrats have virtually no signs or ads… that would be a death knell.”

No joke - depending on where you live, even being a lump of Democratic turd can make you a target…years back, some friends in PA were one of very few in their neighborhood to plant a sign with “Obama” in their yard - though a larger minority voted D. in their district.


I’m working on that November Purge


I Love IDAHO but I won’t live there for exactly that reason

How there can be that much difference between Washington and Idaho continues to amaze me

Even sporting an out of state plate will get you in trouble

And I grew up in Spokane

That state line really does have serious consequences


I say bullshit. They always knew how evil that tax bill was and didn’t give a damn. They felt they could through their media propaganda sell the sheep that it was for their benefit. I believe that many of them did just that and fall for it. Talk to the man on the street and you will hear the poor poor pitiful ones grateful for the extra two dollars in their paychecks. But I also think their sales job was not as complete as they had hoped. So they have stopped taking about the pig and it’s lipstick.


I wasn’t aware of that fact. Good to know. I will do a little research now to cover myself when traveling later.


PonyBoy at best November will usher in a new crowd of corporate toadies to replace the old batch of corporate toadies. At worst, it will staty the same. Have you looked at the Democratic Candidates across this country lately? The overwhelming majority are Corporate Neo-liberals as usual. Haven’t you followed the news lately about how the Democratic Party has been deeply involved in corrupting the process and driving out progressive candidates? You are living in a fantasy dude.


Well, Paul Ryan has certainly gotten the message – he’s not running again.

The lingering questioning however is WHAT exactly have these “representatives” gained
personally for pulling off this theft from the American public which goes into the pockets
of the wealthy?

Was it campaigns funds alone which brought the promise of keeping him in office – re-election?

And what about McCain who seemed to work 7 days a week to push for more war, more
perpetual war, more MIC, more weapons?

What he got was something just under $700,000 a year in campaign money from weapons makers.

Again, was that money which obviously also kept him in office sufficient to sell his soul?

IMO, something much more profitable had to be going on for these people to do this dirty work for so long.

Is Paul Ryan on his way now to that greater reward – just as Clintons went on to collect theirs – and GHW Bush to collect his – and Obama – and so many others?


Yeah, the repugs will just have to work a little harder to rig the next election in their favor


Both major parties suck big time and have for a very long time. Republicans are more in your face. Anyway , maybe on a local level some are good but even there my state senator who is really good the dems are trying to drive him out.


BULLSHIT!!! They’ve “REALIZED IT” along but just didn’t give a shit!!!


“Republicans are more in your face.”

Exactly what makes the damnocrats MUCH more dangerous!!!


Both are for endless war.


Ain’t Citizens United GRAND!!??

One day the real story will be understood about the empire realizing it has caused a planetary cancer from which it (the empire) will not recover


America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776



I agree, but the dog and pony show goes on and on… fooling the sheeple again and again. The fake opposition party at it’s best! The only real tsunami in November, will be that the people will be fooled again by their democratic, cronies and corporate, stooges.