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New Arctic Battlelines Drawn as Industry Exploits Fragile Seas


New Arctic Battlelines Drawn as Industry Exploits Fragile Seas

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Rapidly melting Arctic ice has opened up enormous swaths of this pristine and ecologically significant landscape to dangerous industrial threats. And as officials meet this week to hammer out new rules that could potentially protect the region, environmental groups are warning that the area known as the "Arctic Galapagos" is already in grave danger.


From the Revelation: "The Great Warning":.... "God has sent the New Message to the world at a great turning point for the human family -- a turning point for which you are unprepared and unaware, a turning point that is so great that it will alter the course of life for everyone here today, and the future of everyone to come in this world. ....But you have now reached the threshold where you are changing the world so sufficiently that it will create an environment that will be ever more difficult for you to survive within. "...- from the newmessage.org


Raiding the fridge


Of course the Artic is in grave danger. Of course humans are moving in to exploit it and overfish as much as possible. That is what humans do....They (most of them) have no appreciation of anything unless is has a dollar value, and humans have destroyed everything they have ever touched. The human race is
INSANE....its unfortunate for the innocent beings that share our planet., but in no time they will be gone and that will be that.
And then when the lack of biodiversity affects humans, as it will, the humans will cry and wail about what has happened and what to do, and it will be too late.


The human invasive species. Yet another biodiverstity hotspot ready to burn to hell.