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New AUMF? Critics Warn Against Giving Trump—or Any President—Power to Wage War 'Virtually Anywhere on the Planet'


New AUMF? Critics Warn Against Giving Trump—or Any President—Power to Wage War 'Virtually Anywhere on the Planet'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the 17-year-old War on Terror rages on—and with the international community still reeling from the illegal missile strikes that the U.S., U.K., and France launched on Syria over the weekend—Congress is


Not a peep about CITIZENS UNITED.

Look at FBI CIA etc… what are regarded as being the threats to the country? Apparently disgruntled peoples who have been “externalized” by massive movement of corporate ‘cheaper labor’ and ‘exploitable resources’ around the world using their “advertising” (propaganda lies) regardless of threats to undermining the integrity of any notion of societal values anywhere. Donn’t like it? Guyess that makes you either a compliant robot or a terrorist.


With all due respect the US of A IS NOT AND HAS NOT BEEN A GOOD NEIGHBOR ever since it decided on the genocide of native peoples - later copied by hitler as the “final solution” with what Chomsky later referred to as MANUFACTURED CONSENT and is now algorithms mined and usurped by the like of facebook for … what else?

In the mean time the ‘model’ is nothing more than how to best extract and exploit life by individuals and organizations incapable of stewardship and mutual well being because their very own premises guarantee that their egos will NEVER be satiated/satisfied. As is so often noted in these threads… you cannot make this stuff up!.


Kaine, part of the reason why I took a barf bag (seriously did) to the poll with me to vote against Trump.


US Nuremberg prosecutor Robert Jackson, on war of aggression said it is “not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

Robert Jackson was a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials and Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Congress can authorize aggressive war but can’t make it right, or make it not a violaton of international law.


Voting against Trump was not the issue. Who you voted for is. At least the barf bag shows you have a conscience and did the calculation on what you know to be true. I would suggest that future non-duopoly left, independent, socialist votes are much more valuable – even though we won’t see any results from that in our lifetimes.

But in the end - a vote for the capitalist duopoly is a vote for the capitalist duopoly. We have to admit that. And I admit that I voted (not for) Obama as the lesser evil in 2008, fighting off the truth in my heart. I didn’t carry a barf-bag, but was nauseous every time I saw a Black child or man (usually) murdered by cops, immigrant imprisoned and deported, and another war of occupation and horror foisted upon the Earth. Not to mention Ob’s moves to undermine the social systems in the U.S. and hold back livable wages.

I respectfully ask you and everybody else reading this to take the first step:



Tom Johnson (former OB/Bernie/“Progressive” Dem dupe)


We don’t need no stinkin’ AUMF.
It wasn’t invoked in Syria. Apparently, the POTUS can kill anyone, anywhere, at anytime , for any reason he wants. Even American citizens, their children, and close relatives with total impunity.
Because not enough people have the balls to stand up and put a stop to this madness.


Affluent, ambivalent America. As long as I can afford my Keystone Light, make the payments on my big screen and 4X, who cares?


Yeah, we need more senators like Tim Kaine. Geesh!


‘Why is AUMF “needed” in the first place???’
My educated guess is to strengthen dictatorship. Congress including Democrats voted in the Patriot Act, the piece of legislation that is designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution. And here we go again…


Not war, but police action.




Tim Kaine was Hillary Clinton’s running mate for vice president. What a guy. What a gal. And there are still idiots who champion the Democrats?! All I can say is that everyone who votes in the national elections, especially for either Democrats or Republicans are complicit in the ongoing destruction of the USA to say nothing of the rest of the world. Blood is on your hands. Enjoy all the destruction you are all enabling.


If there was ever a good reason to limit the President’s power to wage war anywhere on the planet for any reason, it is the thatched head currently hovering over the desk in the Oval Office.


Sorry to have to say this to all of the Trump supporters here but the other presidents just didn’t spontaneous bomb other countries without going to congress first. The favorite target is Obama because he is Black and Democrat, two categories Republicans hate. If you really research the history you will see most presidents most of the time went to congress for war powers

Trump is an egomaniac slob that should never been put in a position to unilaterally decide who to bomb. Trump is an sociopath egomaniac and that power for him would be a total disaster.

America needs to unfixate on the other side of the planet. Our wars and military still engaged in the Mideast after Iraq and Afghanistan wars is absolutely ridiculous. It has been the driving force behind our 20 trillion dollar national debt. With the military industrial complex corporations getting filthy rich in the process. The Trump government is the government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. It should be made to perish.


People often talk about Trump’s diversion tactics but this article itself is a diversion from what should occupy their attention this very minute, which is to condemn the attack on Syria as a war crime. Presidents have gone to war without the AUMF, so whether the AUMF stays as it is or become less/more “restrictive” doesn’t make any difference. And it doesn’t make this more recent attack on Syria, or other attacks in the past, any less criminal.


I read that about 103 missiles were launched at Syria with about 70 taken out within Syria. The pentagram will up the ante by pushing more lethal and aggressive attacks. What happened to the US troops that were sitting on the large oil reserves there? Trump is not calling any of these actions, just another Howdy Doody braindead warmongering murderous puppet.


Now or never: impeach Jabba The Butthole !!!


Beers all round Monday night.
Sean Hannity is no more!


There’s a reason the Constitution doesn’t give the president the authority to declare war.


Thank goodness Obama went to Congress before ordering the slaughter of civilians and the expansion of wars of aggression to seven countries. Thanks to that lesser evil, those victims are less dead.