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New Best Friends


New Best Friends

Christopher Brauchli

Sticks and stones can break my bones
But words can never hurt me.
A child’s reply to a taunt


It appears that the conservatives in Congress have concluded that if they pass legislation Trump will sign it and Clinton will veto it so they are endorsing Trump. They are apparently willing to live with the fact that he has brought their strategy of attracting white racists as a voting base out into the open. No more dog whistles.


Conservative Republicans are fascists.
Trump is a fascist.
So why wouldn't they support each other?


Republicans are currying favor with him because Trump's chances of winning on November 8 have not diminished despite his terminal foot-in-mouth syndrome. They do not want to be marginalized if he actually wins.


Very true. If he is elected, they will try to run him through his staff the way President George Junior was run by Cheney and his assistants. Trump will not be as malleable as was President Junior. He will, as Nixon did, delude himself into believing that he really is in charge, and therein lies the danger. Nixon staffers, according to the many books about him, had fail safe procedures in place to countermand any order that seem too far beyond the pale -- if his "madman" story that, he thought, was a tactic to scare the Soviets and fellow travelers into giving up in Viet Nam. In "reality" (a word I cannot not put in ironic quotes) Nixon was revealing more truth about himself in his "madman" theory than he realized.

Trump in power would will be less likely to allow himself to be held back than all previous presidents combined. The opinions of those heads of state on "the world stage" won't matter to him; he'll dispose of anything they say they think in a newly created governance device, "the Executive Tweet." The opinion of the people won't matter to him -- there is plenty of precedent for them being disregarded by Oval Office staff. He won't feel that he has to pay much if any to the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the generals or State Department professionals because he is able to believe he knows more than all if them combined.

If HRC wins, it will be more of the same: more surge warfare, Russia bating, threats of "consequences" -- dangerous but not like Trump would be. A carnival ride under control for at least awhile. with Trump running the roller coaster, it will be a run away out of control ride with early crash.