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New Bill Aims to Unmask Visitors at Trump's Alternative White Houses


New Bill Aims to Unmask Visitors at Trump's Alternative White Houses

Jon Queally, staff writer

Amid reports Saturday that President Donald Trump would spend his afternoon "holding meetings" at a golf course he owns in Virginia, grassroots support is growing for a new bill introduced late this week that would force the president to provide visitor logs for Trump-owned properties where he conducts official government business.


"Many Americans are rightly worried about whether the wealthy and well-connected are being given special treatment and undue influence in the Trump White House," Udall continued.

Whether? Whether???


I bet he ignores it if it had a chance in hell of becoming a law.


They actually call Mar a Lago the "Southern Whitehouse"?!
Just, wow.


Instead of draining the swamp, Tweetle-Dumb has put the worst of the bottom feeders in charge of it.


What is really needed is for We the People to fill in the swamp, right on top of the bottom-feeders, then reconstruct our Constitutional Republic on the newly filled land. That republic served us well for over two centuries, but we need to build in some safeguards so this can't happen again, and we need to seek out and find those who would actually represent and support We the People.
* Please note, I said We the People, not we the Democrats.


Not to worry - it'll be underwater soon.   "Global Warming is upon you, whether you would have it or not."


It's a good idea. I hope it succeeds, and if it doesn't then We the People know where our legislators stand on accountability, and can take the appropriate steps in the next election.

I wish the Democrats would introduce a bill limiting how much money taxpayers are on the hook for for presidential travel expenses. We already pay for the care and maintenance of the secure luxury facility known as Camp David. If presidents and their families can't enjoy time off at that facility, then they should pay for their own security elsewhere. This is especially true with this presidency. Taxpayers should not be made to pay for this billionaire's forays afield when Trump came to Washington saying he would drain the swamp. Bilking the taxpayers of millions of dollars so Trump can play golf in Florida every other weekend is beyond the pale.

At the rate Trump is spending on travel, he could match the entire eight year Obama travel fund by the end of the year.

The GOP went nuts over Obama's personal travel expenses. There should be a lot of support to reign in this kind of spending.


Not an unreasonable request. I work in a small local government and WE are required to log all visits by lobbyists and vendors. The big boys should, too!


My bill would go farther than just recording who visits. If the person visiting is a registered lobbyist, then the entire meeting should be on video and posted for public view. That law should also apply to all member of Congress and to any senior administration official.