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New Bill Edges UK Towards 'Surveillance State'


New Bill Edges UK Towards 'Surveillance State'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The UK unveiled on Wednesday a draft bill to expand the government's spy powers that privacy watchdogs are decrying as a further step towards becoming a surveillance state.

"[T]his long-awaited Bill constitutes a breath-taking attack on the internet security of every man, woman and child in our country," stated Shami Chakrabarti, Director of the UK-based rights group Liberty.


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What do you think that smart phone is? The thing everyone is hypnotized by-the surveillance state is here- it just needs fine tuning.


So, tell us Mark, what can be done about all of this- Do you have any suggestions on where to start and what in the hell there is to do? I don't expect A reply, as I didn't get one last time, but A guy like you, A whistleblower in the know, I would think you might have some valuable advice-


Wonder how Mr. Corbyn will deal with this?


Others posting on this thread are absolutely correct--England, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand? have maintained a total information awareness level of surveillance over their citizens...for...decades. How the author of this article and vast majorities of the citizens of these countries have been unable to perceive this simple fact is as disappointing as the government/military/intelligence apparatus elites' unrelenting efforts to achieve this level of control is disturbing. Perhaps it has been just too threatening psychologically for them to imagine.

This legislation merely seeks to 'legitimize' a de facto state of affairs in England, just as similar 'legalistic' processes have legitimized similar conditions in the US, Canada and Australia. How is it that so few anti-oligarchy, anti-fascist activists have missed the fundamental point that legislation such as this would not even surface in functioning democracies?

Our jobs as citizens of each of these countries is to organize, establish truth and reconciliation commissions, and expose the human beings running these governments for the benefit of the elites as enemies of their respective nations, enemies of democracy, enemies of liberty and guilty of treason against their peoples. The next step is to arrest them and try them as traitors. Otherwise, if we go along to get along, keep our heads down, cower before the 'deep state' bullies, our children will live in circumstances known to the Germans under hitler, the Italians under mussolini, the Spanish under franco, the Russians under stalin.

I prefer life in a democracy to life as a prisoner of state fascism.