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New Bill Will Show Which Lawmakers Support 'Indiscriminate Bombings of Schools, Marketplaces, Hospitals'


New Bill Will Show Which Lawmakers Support 'Indiscriminate Bombings of Schools, Marketplaces, Hospitals'

Boys hold a large piece of twisted metal near homes that were destroyed in an air strike, in Okash Village, near Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. (Photo: UNICEF/Mohammed Hamoud)

Bipartisan resolution calls for U.S. military to stop aiding Saudi-led coalition's bombing campaign in Yemen


Thank goodness our leaders have learned “the lessons of Vietnam,” namely don’t fight a war with drafted soldiers and, better yet, let some one else do our butchery for us.


Finally, now we can put a face to the murder of innocents.


"the United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday said it would send a group of “eminent experts” to Yemen to “carry out a comprehensive examination of all alleged violations and abuses of international human rights.”
*alleged violations of human rights.”
*That is like reading a newspaper report of a murder of some black kid by a racist. “The black youth was felled by an alleged ax blow to the back, followed by an alleged second blow to his skull. The alleged assailant was allegedly swinging the alleged ax to decapitate the youth when he was interrupted by a police officer. The man was allegedly charged with an alleged crime of murder. Witnesses to the alleged crime reported the man’s actions, allegedly, in detail. Bail was set and the Grand Dragon had him set free on his own recognizance.”
*Sheesh! When you see a crime, call it a crime and forget the “A” word. I’ll bet the invasion of Rome was not reported as the “alleged invasion of the city by alleged Gothic barbarians.”
*One problem is that, when the alleged United Nations experts arrive and begin to investigate, they will be droned or bombed and the survivors will return to the UN saying that their investigation had been interrupted due to an alleged bombing run by suspected Saudi aircraft or drones, so they were unable to substantiate whether there were, in fact, human rights violations in Yemen, and there the mission will end.


Saudis are approached by US weapons merchants, Saudis say we don’t need all these weapons, the US merchant of death replies that doesn’t matter just drop it on Yemenis, they are Shia supported by Iran and you are Wahhabi. And you know what might happen in your phony kingdom if you don’t buy the weapons? The CIA will make sure there is change in the palace.


Bravo minitrue, i always love your postings, keep it commin :wink:


Is the optimism of the Title warranted? This will never even get a hearing.


The senate recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act (HR-2810) for next year adding 100 billion to the defense budget on a 89-8-3 vote. The only Democrats voting NO were Gillibrand (NY), Merkely (OR), Wyden (OR), Leahy (VT) and Sanders (I-VT). Notable “progressive” YES votes for increased world destruction were Klobucher (MN), Franken (MN), Murray (WA), Booker (NJ), Brown (OH) and Warren (MA).

The House passed the bill 344-81-8. Notable NO votes were Gabbard (HI), Lee (CA), Khanna (CA), Pocan (WI), Conyers (MI), Ellison (MN), Gutierrez (IL) and Lewis (GA). More than 50% of the Democratic NO votes were women. It shows congress can be bipartisan as long as the issue is the military and that we should elect a lot more women to congress.


Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the USA are on the United Nations Human Rights Council. So the report will read, “From our rooms at the Sheraton Beach Resort, we could find absolutely zero instances of human rights abuses by Saudi Arabia, the UAE or the USA. End of report.”


That will be handy because, when the day of reckoning arrives, the faces will have to face the music. Right now, an aiding and abetting in a heinous crime charge, right here in River City (USA), is a Class A Felony punishable with life in prison, or death. I would recommend Gitmo, but that should be given back to the place Washington D.C. stole it from, Cuba. So, how about an atoll in the middle of the pacific where the U.S. militaries been blasting rockets at from Vandenberg Air Base. Drop them off on an air- drop with some GMO corn chips, water from the Flint River, and say to them as there being tossed out the plane, Say Hello to My Little Friend.


But our “alleged” Democratic Senators, Murray and Cantwell go right along with it. There is almost no bill that supports profit for the Oilagarchy that they won’t back. Boeing and Raytheon might get mad at them.


Sounds like a dream to me.


I phoned the DC office of my Congressmember Carolyn Maloney asking her to be a co-sponsor of H. Con. Resolution 81, asking to remove our military from Yemen. They are starving to death, and hospitals are being bombed by Saudis. We are refueling their bombers.


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Direct Grassroots Democracy.

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