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New BLM Appointee Brings Conflicts of Interest and Plans to Sell Off Public Lands to Agency Charged With Protecting Them

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/30/new-blm-appointee-brings-conflicts-interest-and-plans-sell-public-lands-agency

My cynicism, hatred, and contempt runneth over…

The frankly evil corruption by this regime from Hell just rolls on and on as all things good and honorable are smashed. The enormity of trump regime crimes should get millions into the streets, but lack the gumption and resolve!

HEY, Nancy! you and your other dementia patients and corporate-whore lap-dogs think its time for some actual opposition YET, or just more of the same craven complicit and weakness!?

Opposition including the Impeachment of this depraved scum - this pathological destroyer of America The Beautiful and everything we are supposed to stand-for is gone? Too busy scheming to get the “moderate vote” while screwing the progressive/left American base? fuckin corrupt idiot!

The criminal contempt for trumps oath of office, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and precedent are a crime, if you had any shred of independent thought or integrity!

Its clear you are not intellectually, morally, or politically up to the task - only your stay the course sellout collusion! You, and your DINO accomplices are pathetic!

If I couldn’t rant a little I would tear my hair out.


Since trump likes to take everything to court that he disagrees with, we need volunteers to ask for injunctions on everything this administration is doing against the will of the people, and the endangerment to everything else. Maybe we can get away with stalling, as he does, until his reign is over.


Maybe we could include the complicit repugs to our list of greedy mother’s.
Otherwise, rant on Emphyrio.


I’ve been learning about fascism lately.

From what I can gather, it requires an almost fanatical mob mentality which the fascist leader exploits.

The red flag appears to be the depth of Trump’s support, and the lack of a sturdy opposition.

Globalization has left a sizable percentage of the population behind, wallowing in self-pity and a lfe without a cause.

Trump the entertainer has provided that cause - the ability to feel, repeat FEEL - powerful and capable of getting some payback.

Unfortunately, the middle class was unable, or perhaps unwilling - to stop globalization when it began.

The mob needs Trump, as Trump needs the mob.

And rationality really is only one tool in our collective toolbox, and we have been remiss in depending upon the rational and reasonable mind to lead us out of this darkness.

We need a real leader, charismatic as well as intelligent, like JFK.

That is unlikely, as I survey the scene - and it may be too late in any case, the system is that corrupt.

I wonder how long until we have a Spanish type civil war here, meaning perhaps the western world as a whole?


Pitchforks anyone? Anyone? (crickets)
Everyone stay focused on your phones, never mind the country is slowly being dismantled by all 3 branches of government.


EPA. Education. Consumer Protection. HUD. Interior.

Trump has selected people to manage departments, agencies, and specific programs in which the intended primary objectives of said agencies are the antithesis of their personal ideologies.


Probably never happen again because JFK was an anomaly and even if it did by some miracle happen… he would no doubt be assassinated!

You can’t sell the Earth .
You can’t own any part of the Earth .
It belongs to Life for the benefit of Life .

Life is sacred the founders understanding was incomplete. The constitution according to Jefferson was not written in stone but a work in progress designed to change with the times .

The times are changing nothing is infallible no religion no prophet no article of confederation.
Each generation is independent of the one proceeding it .
It has the right to choose for itself the form of government it believes most promotive of its own happiness and functionality.
We shouldn’t take any repression from the oppressors who hide behind documents that were never meant to inhibit humans but free them to be who we are meant to be .

A message of Freedom inspires the experience of freedom itself.
The one thing the humans are missing is the only thing that gets us out of our own way .Overlaying this message on our social ,political economic and spiritual systems gives us our best chance .

It’s the unity of life . Seeing life as prime value honouring the sacred .

We are talking about species survival .
We have folks still trying to sell the precious Earth for profit while she is dying .
We must remove this cancer before it consumes us all .


Sweet comment ReconFire. Almost says it all.

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We truly are the cancer. Half of the voting public is off the rails of sanity.

Bernie Sanders is the hope we need to stir up shit. Shut down Bull shit & kinock the shit out of the wealthy republicans !

He was an anomaly Shanty, imo too.

Sort of dropped right in there after the strangest upbringing - had to use his connections to get INTO the Navy. Then his oldest brother was killed in the war, and the rest, as they say, is history.

A study in human nature if ever there was one.

I don’t know how many books I have on Jack and his family - my family had a personal connection down there in Massachusetts as well.

And I believe you are correct, if he dropped in again - he would again be assassinated.

So probably history will run its course, unless you Americans, who are never to be underestimated, can get your act together and throw them all out, dems included.

Sure can hope !

If memory serves, Bernie was offered the Green Party on a silver platter by Jill Stein, and he refused.

That tells me something I didn’t want to know. Obviously he considers himself a realist, and the Dems, bad as they are, as the only ‘realistic’ alternative.

Trouble is, no one can agree on what reality is these days.

But I’m a Canadian, so you Americans will sort that one out, one way or another.

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So did my family, as one my ex- relatives was CIA during the time JFK was assassinated and died under to say the least… suspicious circumstances.

As usual, this administration appoints another fellow traveler intent on dismantling the agency he is appointed to protect. Unfortunately, mainstream media never picks up on the destruction our agencies and, in particular, the destruction of our wilderness. From what I gather from listening to round-table discussions by top mainstream news reporters, none have ever been in a national park or monument in western states – most of them live in NYC or other metropolitan areas. My feeling is they would be afraid to be in the open spaces of the west without an entourage surrounding them. This is why they’re not interested in preservation of open lands and why they do not focus on preserving public lands. Even the destruction of Bears Ears and its ruins is currently being planned by Interior Department. Why no public outcry? Who’s reporting on it? 2019-07-31T06:00:00Z