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New Campaign Challenges DCCC's "All-Out War Against Progressives"


New Campaign Challenges DCCC's "All-Out War Against Progressives"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Pushback on the left to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee continued on Friday with a trio of groups launching a campaign directed at DCCC chairman Ben Ray Luján demanding the political committee "stop undermining progressive values.”


lol “click on this box!” yeah, that’ll show 'em. Party of imbeciles.


I love the way this works. The DCCC launches an all out attack on the progressive wing of the Party and then pundits and columnists write articles about how the progressives are tearing the Party apart by not being a part of the mainstream. It happened in the election when the DNC and Hillary did everything in their power to subvert Bernie Sander’s campaign and then complained that Bernie Sanders was subverting Hillary’s campaign.


I wasn’t aware there were any progressives in the Democratic Party.


I am of the belief that the DCCC should stay out of primaries. Their goal should be electing democrats during the general election. If a conservative democrat wins the primary or if a progressive democrat wins the primary they should be supported by the DCCC to win the general. Let voters choose in the primaries who best fits their district.


DCCC is pro Zionist and pro Israel progressives are trying to fight for ordinary Americans


Oh those democrats, they are just so funny. They think because their name starts with a “d” they are different than the gop. They are a barrel full of monkeys going over Niagara Falls.


Don’t you know the elitist game of social engineering? A war has been declared on the thinking questioning concerned Americans, they are using every dirty trick to deny the American people the kind of government they deserve. Elites want world domination progressives want socialism and justice for all


A third party is on the rise. Movement for the peoples party and if you care about people you will love their platform that is just out. https://www.forapeoplesparty.org/our-plan/


And WTF do those contestants on the Price Is Right, for example, want? We are dealing with a clearly challenged part of the consumer population that may be gradually realizing they are being hosed. Their life is how wide one can open his/her mouth…not to be be a downer but where is “progressive” in this (fairly large) group?
We need a new focus, badly.


These idiots didn’t learn a fucking from the 2016 election. There’s only 8 months until the mid terms and they better get off this losing strategy or else they may end up losing seats in the Senate and maybe not even taking back the House. Fucking whores busy dialing for $$$ instead of listening to the REAL base of the party.


This IS their strategy. Screw everyone until you’re in the 1% club.


Not all “progressives” are progressive or free from fault. But at least they know it’s wrong morally and economically to have very very few people sitting on mountains of wealth while 48 million can’t afford to feed themselves


Hey, DCCC!!! You are losing us Progressives because you keep insisting in going after centrist Republican voters and taking us for granted. You never seem to ask yourselves why in the hell a Republican would want to vote for Republican lite candidates when they can get the real thing within their own party. This voter has cast his last vote for your hand-picked neoliberal Democrats. If you folks insist in taking our (Progressives) votes for granted, I guess it is time that we begin the process of forming our own party. The time is opportune as the RNC is also in the middle of a civil war. The country would be better served with four parties so that we might get a more representative government. At the present, both parties are fighting over corporate dollars and don’t seem to care much about the rest of us.

So you go on with your behind-the-scene mechanizations to support the status quo, Mr. Lujan, and see where it gets you. One thing I can assure you is you won’t be getting this Progressive’s vote, and I’m guessing there are many, many more like-minded people out there.


“Of course, I will go to the voting booth,” said the 21-year-old engineering student at Roma Tre University. “But I will put a big cross through the ballot paper. None of the politicians are honest, all they do is use propaganda.”

says a Italian citizen


Bernie needs to separate himself from the DCCC neoliberals and run as a Progressive Democrat, or Democrats will surely lose again, as if they cared.

We can support Bernie’s campaign directly and circumvent the party apparatus.


Why does this article leave out the DCCC undermining reproductive choice? Ben Ray says they are looking for pro-choice candidates to run as a Democrat. Kinda pisses me off.


His Neoliberal cuz is running for Gov of NM. She will continue to allow out of state cronies to loot the state.


Re: insisting that leaders refrain from politicizing the event the day after, over Vegas and Parkland,

  1. It is a totally respectful call to take stock and consider those hurt and wounded before starting a horse race for anyone’s favorite change in policy.
  2. However, why is the DCCC taking it upon itself to make this demand?
  3. I would have preferred to see much more attention to true, open and coherent information about what really happened to a horse race.


Their strategy was for the Republicans to win. What is there to learn? The DCCC is comprised of actual Republicans.