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New Campaign Challenges DCCC's "All-Out War Against Progressives"


Whatever progressives there are they get ignored by their party and the media. Can’t show actual politicians working for the people or the people might actually dissent.


I am afraid a crushing defeat of progressives in the 2018 primaries may finally be the aha moment for many of them still fighting to “reform” the DP. If that happens, then a new progressive party is a foregone conclusion.


Along with systemic racism, the Dems look to be entrenched in chronic stupidity.
The midterms are the dems to lose and running solely with “Twilter so bad” ain’t gonna cut it.
That there is a big gaping whole as regards getting this nation headed to medicare for all, or something resembling euro/canadian systems is just dumber than dumb.
Insurance and pHarma campaign donations clearly show us why.


What we are witnessing now is the culmination of 25 years of The faulty rhetoric of the Clintons and their DLC. They falsely beleived that it was their move to the RIGHT that insured slick Willys victory in 1992.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Slick Willy did not win because of center/right politics. He actually received less votes than Mike Dukakis did four years earlier. No, he won because of H Ross Perot and his candidacy that split the republican vote, all but gift wrapping the election for Clinton. The Clintons then began their greatest of con jobs, convincing the powers that be in the Democratic Party that they should take corporate money to replace the union money that no longer flowed to the DNC. They then sold them their fatal philosophy that you could be fiscally conservative while still being somewhat socially liberal. That fallacy has led the once powerful Democrats to being a minority party at best. Just look at the facts.
Since the Clintons took control of the party…
34 states have republican governors
33 states have republican state houses
The federal appellate courts are controlled by conservatives
The SCOTUS is conservative
The house, senate, and White House all controlled by republicans.
By any measure, the center/right Democratic Party has become a joke. There are but two steps that can be taken now. Either try to change the party from within (almost impossible) or liberals need to start their own party.


Both parties have the same billionaire donors. Elementary.


I fail to understand why "liberals: and “progressives” believe they have to cling to the Democrats as their only hope, especially when it has been so clearly demonstrated that Democrats don’t want them, and haven’t since Bill/Hillary Clinton took the party to the right decades ago.

I also don’t understand the calls for a “new” progressive party. The Greens, as well as a couple of socialist options are already there and have been trying for a long, long time to bring dissatisfied Democrats into the fold, but like the guy who keeps hitting himself in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when he stops, Democrats just dismiss them with “they can’t win” and vote again for Republican lite. What was that old definition of insanity? Something like “keep doing the same thing over and over and hope for a different result”?

We are not going to “reform” the Democrats. Over decades, they have become far too comfortable wallowing in corporate largesse and will never give it up. The Clintons became multi-millionaires catering to bankers and industrialists, and others have followed. The now-out-in-the-open opposition to single payer should be a clue as to where Democrats stand on the issues, but “liberals” know it’s just “pragmatism,” and if only we can elect a Democratic majority again, we will convince them to pass real universal health care. Just like we did in 2009, when Pelosi and Democrats would not even allow testimony on a single payer option, and we got the ACA which was, of course, written by lobbyists from the insurance and pharma industries.

The DCCC has learned, unlike what progressives like to say, but they learned from the Tea Party movement, not from their own blunders. They learned that by allowing their mainstream candidates to be primaried by outliers they will soon be pushed aside and become irrelevant. They are not going to let that happen.

But what if all that energy went to swelling the ranks of the Green Party? Why not a mass movement to a party already established and begging for progressive candidates to run at local and state positions n order to build a real base? Why the talk of “start their own party” when progressives already have a party that is on the ballot most places, just waiting for support? Certainly, if there are enough real progressives to start a new party from scratch, they would be even stronger if they join one that is already established.


Classic bully tactics: Accuse your target of the shitty actions you are doing.


i read the platform. Good bits, but no core organizing principles, and no holistic vision. A cobbling together of individual “progressive” issues.

Without dis-empowering capital – ending the “limited-liability investor-owned corporation” as the building block of the economy, ending the fictions of human rights, civil rights and constitutional rights for “corporate persons,” and carrying out global wealth reform, land reform, and democratization of wealth to address the legacies of colonialism and white supremacy – democracy will remain a pipe-dream.

Without subjecting economic activity to ecological principles, placing ecological accounting above financial accounting at the global and national levels and at the level of the enterprise, “environmental protection” will fail.

Without confronting the war profiteers and dismantling the war economy, “A Collaborative And Peaceful Global Community” is just a pretty image.

Maybe i should draft a holistic radical platform.


I doubt if Bil Clinton is responsible for ending the Democrats dependence on union money. I think it is the dramatic shrinking in the number of union members that was responsible. About a third of workers used to be in labor unions. Now I think it is about 10%. And today most union members are government workers. Also, more than 10 years before Clinton became president a great number of working class people become Reagan Democrats, in other words, Republicans. The Democrats had no choice but to take corporate money after labor union money largely dried up. Clinton did the best he could with a bad situation, Reagan had convinced many Americans that government was the problem not the solution (many Americans are quite gullible as we have recently seen) and the labor unions were no longer large enough to be a political base. The Democratic Party successfully transformed to a party with a base of minorities, environmentalists, professional workers, people with gender-based issues. It is the party for people who are not white Christian right wingers which is a majority of the country and may explain why in the last six presidential elections the Democratic candidate got the most votes five times. In almost all recent special elections the Democrat has won. There is a special election in the Pennsylvania for a House seat on Tuesday and the Democrat has a good chance of winning. The Democratic Party is no joke. It has candidates running in almost every contest for the House this year. Many people have signed up to be candidates. New organizations like Indivisible have brought a great amount of energy to the grassroots of the party. Indivisible is organizing to help the Democrats take back the Senate and the House. Supporters of the party are active all over the country and maybe they will help pull off a big victory in November.


Moser is running to be the Democratic candidate.


You really do make entirely too many excuses for Clinton and his cohorts. I am not completely unsympathetic to your wish to see the best, but that Clinton “did the best he could” under the circumstances just does not stand any scrutiny. He did what he believed was best for the Clintons. And he proved to be wrong.


Do people here grasp that Laura Moser is running as a Democrat? The Green Party is a quadrennial farce. If it makes people happy to participate in that, fine. But it simply does not exist on the ground, even in California, much less Texas. Talk about hitting yourself in the head repeatedly with a hammer.


I would like to be able to sign one of those petitions without getting an
endless stream of fun raising emails.



Perfect example of what I tried to say. Green party is a “farce,” and corporate Democrats have our backs, if only we keep electing them and forgive them for representing the corporations before the people.


The failure of centrist politics to represent the actual center of democratic politics is cast in historical concrete.
We need a new center that actually embraces democracy. To do so would require a new voting system, blocking $$$$, new governmental procedures that eliminate secrecy and punish deception, including lying during campaigns then flipping afterwards, etc., etc., etc…
The old center is very corrupted. Don’t be fooled next election.


IMHO, the majority of D’Uhmurikuns already have exactly the government they deserve.  Unfortunately, the minority have to suffer along with everybody else.

IIRC, psychologists call this sort of mental illness ‘projection’.  Tweetle-Dumb suffers from a concentrated case of it; the DCCC has a more diffused but widespread version.


People here don’t like to hear about conservative success, even when conservatives are proud of that success. They certainly don’t believe that an anti-union, anti-environmental, regressive tax system proponent and his party won massive elections in the 80s, what historians call the Reagan Revolution. No, Democrats just sold out progressivism because only Democratic sellouts have volition. This never mind the fact we don’t say the same about Republicans, say, in the 1930s, after the political realignment that was the New Deal.

Clinton did make some legit bad policy choices, but we can’t pretend some weren’t with large support from the public either.


No guarantee, but when i sign a petition, as soon as i receive the first email, i click on “unsubscribe” and choose every unsubscribe option on any screen that comes up.

Parties and electoral campaigns are more difficult to escape their outreach clutches than issue campaigns and nonprofits. But that’s my best tactic.


Psychologically it is projection and often unaware, but politically it has been carried out with intention and awareness, in the Atwater / Rove model of doing smears and attacks on your opponent’s greatest strengths.


Just tweeted to Bernie:

Run as a Progressive Democrat, not with neoliberal DCCC, DNC, DLC, Blue Dog, etc. Democrats. Most progressives will not donate through them, but would donate directly to you.

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