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New Campaign Prepares Mass Mobilization Should Trump Refuse to 'Leave Willingly' If Defeated in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/12/new-campaign-prepares-mass-mobilization-should-trump-refuse-leave-willingly-if


Sorry fat boy, if the People say so there will be Orange Juice on 20 January 2021 one way or another.


Trump should be removed now before he and the treasonous conservatives can harm this nation further.


Given Biden, does this political effort seem somewhat like a diversion or distraction?


It is literally one of the most infuriating constantly-gobsmacked WTF-NOW times I have seen in my lifetime. And I do not dare wake up anymore with the thought of how it could get any whackier. Sobbing one day and hysterical laughter the next. Maybe libs are just crazy!
So glad my folks are long gone.


What is this leave willingly crap? I read an article yesterday that said voter registration for the upcoming 2020 national elections is at its lowest rate in decades. The democrats, despite knowing that a victory for them hinges on voter turnout, still haven’t begun a national voter registration drive. And not a peep from Tom Perez about even trying one yet.
With Joe Biden hiding in his basement, making only “video” appearances, and even those under very specific parameters, and the rest of the Democratic leadership only mumbling about “Stabilizing” it looks more and more like they simply don’t want to win in November.
An old American battle cry “I have not yet begun to fight!” seems to apply to the Democratic Party. Our answer to them should be, don’t you think it’s about time you do?


Sadly, right on.
As many here (including me) have said many times in the past - The Dinocrats simply don’t seem to WANT to win, or Govern. It’s easier to be ‘helpless’, stand in the background and point fingers. Their strategy seems to be (and you can see this at other sites) is to bully people, vote for the lesser of the two evils - again - and if Trump-Lite doesn’t win, it’s YOUR fault not ours even though we gave you nothing to vote FOR other than to continue to project the lie: we’re not them so you’re obligated.


They have been fighting all along.
What far too many voters fail to realize is that they are the ones they have been fighting.


I don’t want a democrat victory, I want them to collapse completely. If Biden wins now it will mean a minimum of 12 years of right wing rule, because Biden is right wing, and hes so inept that there’s no way republicans will fail to defeat him in 4 years, and when they do they’ll likely stay in office for 8 years. Its better that Biden loses, and democrats collapse, and progressives use the next 4 years to build a platform to defeat the right wing and make progressive reforms without the democrats’ interference. For progressive political reform to occur, it has to begin to occur first. Biden doesn’t qualify, and neither do the democrats.


if Biden wins our job is to push that schmuck so far to the left he won’t know Sunday from Tuesday. He won’t run in '24, he’ll be way too old.


“We’re sounding the alarm: Trump could refuse to accept defeat this November. We have to be ready.”

Be ready for what? November could very well be too late! Michael Cohan: " TRUMP WILL NOT LEAVE OFFICE IN 2020". Trump, the Amerikan, fascist and racist Fuehrer NEEDS TO GO NOW! Benedict Arnold was killed for treason for conspiring with the British; Trump is guilty of treason to the Constitution and a domestic, enemy worse than Arnold.


Most democrats don’t realize that they have to change their own party FIRST before they could ever hope to change the nation.



Democracy is government of by and for the people of this country, not Trump or Biden or any other Molestor in Chief.

Democracy is something we only have when the government is instantiated by people not corporations.

The Global Governance Organizations have been able to take over government without any resistance by hiding this capture.

The real government is in Geneva now.

What we’re seeing from Washington and both parties now (and its been this way for decades) is a big act, its theater, and its not even convincing.

People are falling into a trap. the country should be focusing on the fact that we cannot vote for the policies we need due to “state capture” by two parties that are obviously colluding with one another. We have not had any opportunity to change any of the things we needed since they were taken off the table by trade deals Most of the ones people care the most about were removed from our policy space by GATS in the 1990s.


They dont care, as they don’t HAVE to. They have some kind of “arrangement” with the GOP.


Biden has to win first. Certainly not a sure thing.

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With so many Americans aware that DNC complicity with the GOP is how we got Trump, I certainly would not bet a nickle that Biden will win.


maybe it has something to do with WTO Dispute 503 ?


Lots of jobs are at stake, the corporate state is planning for huge savings by giving control of work visas for work related temporary movement of natural persons to provide services to the WTO to manage instead of allowing the rich countries to hold up the planned liberalization of services by limiting their issuance of work visas to arbitrary numbers. If we lose, we’ll lose many millions of jobs and possibly also our unions (without jobs to give away they wont have the power they do now) but the increased profits to TNCs and also savings to governments at all levels (much of the public sector will be privatized) will be substantial from not having to pay wages that are as much as 10 or 20 times higher than those in the LDCs.

Any WTO decision will be binding on the entire world in various ways, so it may a huge momentous change, as its entirely possible that it may be the end of the middle class as we have known it. If this happens we can expect large scale distress and mass foreclosures and redundancies as jobs once thought secure are turned into subcontracting positions, similar to what has already happened on a small scale in IT, but much broader. Spending will likely also plummet. the workers who replace todays high skill workers are expected to be paid much less, its even contested whether countries like the US have the right to ask that temporary labor providers like the infamous body shop firms pay their workers a national minimum wage, as their presence is temporary (in the US usually five or six years, sometimes longer - because of visa renewals, sometimes less) Also, there is the issue of tremendous loss of diversity, however here, its clear that the rights to redress that may exist between historically disadvantaged groups and those who oppressed them does not travel well and it seems to be subsumed by the international obligations created by trade and investment agreements.

The distribution of wealth may become much more M shaped with lots more poor people and more wealth at the top. Lots of people may have to travel to the ends of the earth and accept much lower wages to be able to continue careers cut short by these changes. But even then Americans and Western Europeans in particular may find it hard to accept the huge decrement in quality of life and work life balance in a system that has frequently been compared to “kafala” (modern day slavery) . Unfortunately there is nothing we can do because both candidates seem fairly neoliberal, but there is a very very small chance that some third party candidate who rjected the capture of government by global economic governance organizations might be able to capture the public imagination and votes - get approval in more states, win on a write-in ticket.

I agree, but how?


The wimpy dems are scared of Trump, scared of their corruption being laid out there for us all to see.