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New Campaign Urges Senate to Block Trump's "Cabinet of Hate"

New Campaign Urges Senate to Block Trump's "Cabinet of Hate"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A coalition of progressive organizations has launched a campaign to block President-elect Donald Trump's appointees, calling them a "cabinet of hate and Wall Street greed."

The coalition, which includes advocacy groups like Demand Progress and Democracy for America as well as issue-focused organizations like the women's rights group UltraViolet and the Latinx-led social justice group Presente Action, sent a petition to the U.S. Senate asking lawmakers to block Trump's cabinet.

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Looks like Trump’s cabinet is going to be the cabinet from hell. Progressives need to hang together the next 4 ( lets hope not 8 ) years; otherwise, in 2020 they will have to make a reality, documentary called: NIGHTMARE ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE!


Until America deals with the reality of the structural dimension of inequality, racial disparities and class anger will not only be a stain on American society, but will continue to limit America’s broader economic prosperity.


What happened to pacophobia - fear of peace? Is perpetual war and torture now the new normal? Surely the possiblity of total nuclear wipeout supercedes everything else, but is not on this list.

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“[S]ent a petition to the U.S. Senate asking lawmakers to block Trump’s cabinet.”: Why do I get the sense that it will be totally ignored? Time to start organizing some real threats to the establishment such as boycotts, general strikes, total non cooperation, massive CD, demonstrations.


So you are defending Trump, right? A “leftist” no doubt.

What to do, lamestreet media for years has not denounced lies just reported whatever anybody wants to say. Media has been called liberal and demonized for years when it wasn’t that Trump supporters will just be more angry and hateful as he has seasoned them to be. Trump will lash out stronger and louder as he always does and he gets away with it as the 1% our greedy sycophants themselves.

I blame the dems for not having a louder voice, not punished the war criminals and banksters and corporate fraudsters. Always just a slap on the wrist and a little fine. Hardly punishment as part of their doing business and budget is for lobbyist to rule and day and if they get caught they’ve budgeted for fines. The dems went along for all these years.

Obama is a war criminal now and did nothing to punish or get the facts and truth out.


General Mattis empirePie December 6, 2016

Just waiting for a flake of truth
to bite me on my frosty butt sir “Mad Dog” sir

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& vetting of those not knowing the trumps of hand
in greed is god land

I will pray with thee like a Mantis
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so compound my eyes
to be part of the predator team;
Just US to be

“if all the Dems vote . . . and get just two Repubs . . .”

Because most of the Senate Dems are really Republicans, this will never, ever happen.

Just look upon the coming Trump Catastrophe as the price Americans will have to pay for preventing WWIII.

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Perhaps we ought to put it all on SNL . . . it seems to be one of the shows that gets his attention. Maybe enlist Alec Baldwin?


First, no one in government represents the masses today. In a nutshell, Republicans represent the interests of the rich, Democrats represent the interests of the rich and middle class. Roughly half of today’s population – low wage workers, and those who are far worse off – have no representation in government.

That said, it would be would necessary to have an opposition party in Congress to obstruct Trump’s fascist (by definition) agenda. There isn’t one. For those who weren’t paying attention: The Reagan Dems of the 1980s leaned to the right, merging with the Clinton wing in the 1990s. Over the past 20 years, Democrats have implemented more of the right wing agenda than Republicans could have ever imagined possible.

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The two parties essentially merged in the 1990s, and they have already enacted much of the hard right agenda, from the bottom up. In the process, they successfully split apart those masses who would have united to push back, as they did during similar times in our past. They successfully pit middle class against the poor, people of color against white. Divide, subdivide, conquer.

Of course, and all those deplorables which the elites call most people.

The Democrats have exactly ONE job now: say no to everything.

Obstruct everything.

Talk non-stop about the national debt, it works. People are scared of the national debt. Scare them more.

Filibuster everything.

Drag out the process to confirm federal judges as long as possible, and do oppo research on them all. If anything in their past is even a little hinky, feed it to every medial outlet you can.

In short, don’t play nice.

That’s your job for the next four years, Dems. Do it.

And if any of you talk about bipartisanship, then you need rent a spine and shut up.

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How many “leftists” do you know who are defending Trump? Did I miss something?

They??? There are still thinking people who just live their lives, it’s the media and big money who spread lies, . Also the tea party could have united with OWS, and there would have been even bigger demands , but people fizzled out and went their own way. It’s way past time for people to reach across party lines ( and some do- but the media does not want Main Street to know that). It’s way past time for pols to return to being statesmen and do their jobs instead of being paid off by Wall Street. They make too much money as it is.

I caght that also.

Wow , that will get a lot accomplished- it’s still our country we are talking about not a game. Perhaps we should tell that to combat soldiers and vets.

Plus we already know that. What would like to see happen?

Poor ( including homeless people) do not usually vote. They probably could care less about a party. It’s about emergency services like who’s going to feed and clothe people?