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New Campaign Urges Senate to Block Trump's "Cabinet of Hate"

I do not think that the millions of people who are unemployed care about theater. That’s a luxury.

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Yes, it’s dems and republicans but it’s really the SYSTEM that controls them that is off big money and corporate greed. Huge difference between a politician and a statesman that actually cares. Where are they?
Also not all one percenters are greedy- how about at least some doctors just doing their job of healing. Greed in business and banking- now that is something else.

And stop buying from the big box stores.

War makes money and stands for production. Has for years- remember the recovery from the depression of the 1930s came when WW2 broke out. Country was expected to slip back into depression after the war ended, but did not.

I don’t want Trump to get a lot accomplished. Just the opposite, in fact. I want him to fail miserably. I want his entire regressive agenda to be objected to all the time, non-stop.

if the Dems aren’t all anti-Trump all the time, they’re even more worthless than people think they are. It’s literally ALL that they have to do now. They sure can’t govern.

I don’t think I’m asking too much at all. Indeed, I’m just demanding the barest minimum from them as far as I can tell.

Believe me, you DO want the government to get a lot accomplished just not with Trump’s agenda. Also do not forget to keep an eye on state and local agendas which hit you where you live the most. Dems are not going to be all anti Trump all of the time. Remember rethugs said they have a mandate from the people.

Homeless can’t vote. That’s why we’re creating more of them. Along with the PIC, pretty soon, nobody in your " poor class " will be able to vote. Congratulations, you’ve just made America, Saudi Arabia.

mealouts: Its actually more accurate to think in terms of the .1. those doctors you speak of have nothing to do with it.

I agree about reaching across differences. I practice that myself. Its often more engaging and fruitful than trying to talk with staunch democrats. I believe in building coalitions. One of Nader’s recent book is called “The unlikely alliance between the left and the right.” I haven’t read it but saw him discuss it on DN and agreed with him.

As far as Occupy “fizzling” that’s a narrative They love you to repeat. Occupy was brutally attacked, similar to Standing Rock but not near so horrific in terms of injuries and shear military might and crazy weaponry and devices that are designed for “crowd control” and only to cause harm that are being used in NoDak, still! despite the supposed stay. AG Eric Holder called the mayors of Oakland CA and Portland OR and many others, and said Its Happening! and in Oakland that translated into 19 Agencies descending on the people. Tear gas cannisters thrown at close range, rubber dowels, sound cannons, billy clubs, violent arrests and incarcerations, on an on…

The real difference is between wealth and income. Those with wealth, no matter how obtained, can take it out of the active economy and stop worrying about income. Those with no wealth to manage must focus on our income.

Yes, the DNC neoliberal corporate elites share the same bed sheets as the GOP neocon corprate elites. The Clintons and Trumps are blood money cousins.

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Yes, the Corporate Media stonewalled the coordinated, nationwide Government Attack used to disperse and disable Occupy.

You are describing the Republicans there. It is a cycle of Dems doing nothing little during a D administration, often passing bipartisan laws that hurt people, the people lose faith, a Repub gets into office and passes bills the majority of the Dem party will not oppose until next election season, where they will come back as the savior from the Republican party. Rather, rinse, repeat.

Good grief, you don’t understand the use of quotes?

So… what can we do about it?

Ended awfully fast. The protests in the late fifties through the early seventies… lasted, and some people got killed.

Yes, of ccourse, and that would be most of us.

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What about people with no or little income? Nobody wants to talk about that.

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Spread the word. Get involved locally.

I know I do, and do some volunteering as well.