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New Captain for a Sinking Britain

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/28/new-captain-sinking-britain

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Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, hails a new Golden Age for the United Kingdom, based on Britain’s great imperial past. Anything is possible: if the fundamentals are with you; if not, words are simply hollow rhetoric. A century ago Great Britain was the world’s wealthiest nation – no more. Empires rise and gain power; once gained they have to retain it; once lost, they have to regain it. The United Kingdom is probably in the last category – the most dangerous.


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The British pound continues on a downward trajectory.
That might help prop up exports.
But it’ll definitely make imports more expensive.

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legacy of predatory capitalism commodifying EVERYTHING

Obviously- false charges of anti-Semitism are becoming commonplace. A little research (at most) exposes the lie.


Hi mcloughlin:
America is not doing so well if you think about what backs our money— I’ve beginning to think that it’s war backs ours. But, China and Russia are bringing their gold home, and I am wondering how much gold the U.S. has----or is it just the military that now backs our dollar?

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For another view, of Britain’s economy, not of Mr. Johnson, see

It should be obvious. You can’t base a society on compulsion.