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New CBO Report on Medicare for All Is a Serious and Positive Contribution

New CBO Report on Medicare for All Is a Serious and Positive Contribution

Robert Pollin

The Congressional Budget Office issued a report on May 1, 2019 titled "Key Design Components and Considerations for Establishing a Single-Payer Health Care System." This report reviews a range of considerations as regards the design and implementation of a single- payer system as applied to the United States. The Medicare for All bills currently before both the U.S.


I am more concerned than what you mentioned about the number of providers. The expense of college has driven people away from healthcare degrees i.e. doctors, surgeons et al except for specializing medicine where they have a better chance of paying off $100/200,000 college debt.

I had a Senior Real Estate Specialist designation and was a daughter of an aging mother so did caregiving and then became a caregiver and hospice caregiver. All of this lead me to seminars and networking groups on all aspects of aging and healthcare.

It was alarming that most studies pointed to the fact that there would not be enough general practitioners to address the needs of seniors. Now I am a senior but call myself a Boomer and wanted to change doctors but can’t find a doctor that takes Medicare new patients.

We need to address the cost of college and that is why I support those that say college should be free or close to it.
We should of been recruiting potentials for medical degrees and making sure there was not a huge debt associated with that degree.

The US and republican control since Reagan with the help of Clinton/Obama is moving us back to the dark ages. We need enlightenment and won’t get it by electing republicans or democrat elites who want status quo.


All that needs to be done to show the single-payer system is THE BEST for all people and is successful is for those idiots (and paid opponents) to look at the rest of the world and SEE the history of Universal health care and its success! But, NO!, they need to play politics, drag out the arguments “against” (All fabricated and small-minded) hoping that, again, it will get passed by.

This country’s government is so fucking CORRUPT and in the pockets of corporations, including health INSURANCE (NOT “CARE”) companies that if it weren’t so despicable it would be laughable.


Even if the study cited in the article is correct – that the savings in reduced requirements for administrative work by doctors and other health care workers will offset the increased pool of (previously unserved or underserved) patients with universal coverage…

We still should aim to DOUBLE the number of doctors. So many doctors are limited to 15 minutes with each patient in a stream throughout the day. That is laughable for many patients who have complex needs and multiple health issues, and ridiculous for doctors who have to “do something” for each patient but cannot possibly understand all the complex behavioral, environmental, social and other components that feed to a patient’s health outcomes. There should intentionally be more than enough doctors to cover everyone.


Thanks CD and Mr. Pollin. This synopsis is helpful for people who are really pressed for time. Lots more coming down the road soon, I’m sure.


I’m glad to see that the article reflects my concerns of the quality of service when everybody is covered. Will it be the next exploited area?
Creepy clinics being established to give fraudulent healthcare and billing.
The thieves never go away, they just change their clothes, and take unfair advantage of people once again.
I call this critical thinking. Others call it cynicism. In either case it doesn’t hurt to look at all positives AND negatives.

That’s why I love my VA care. I normally get an hour of good back and forth discussion, diagnosis, and treatment options.


In addition to MFA, or as part of it, the AMA strangle hold on medical college admissions must be eliminated.
WE would have more doctors available if the AMA wasn’t allowed to limit the number of admissions (graduates) annually


The major obstacles to Medicare for All, or a similar public option can be named easily: Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer, et. al.

By next November, we shall see the GOP dramatically reduced to the 40% of elected officials, perhaps less, that reflects the actual population it represents. Not so with the Democrats.

The Democrats have millions of voters who would not believe all those Ds who continue insisting upon expensive drugs, corporate control over healthcare, etc. In other words, many, perhaps most of the elected Democrats need to be primaried.


Obama campaigned on single payer and they had three of the branches long enough to get it done. But no.
BO and Dem ‘leadership’ pretended that they needed to get republicans on board - BS.

Some people claimed BO was playing ninja black belt 3D Chess with the republicans. It took me a couple of years into his first term that he was playing against the 99%, not the republicans


People across the political spectrum recognize the value of FEMA - as a permanent federal agency with a sizable budget to deal with natural disasters. As a nation we must help people displaced by disasters to get back on their feet and we must have a preparedness plan along with proper training for implementation to avoid as many problems as we can.

Progressive people see that the U.S. Health system is a disaster that is killing people as assuredly as any natural disaster. We see that burning fossils fuels is disastrous and that is killing people as assuredly as any natural disaster. We see that our military industrial complex is disastrous and that is killing people as assuredly as any natural disaster. Hence we want to solve those problems with a single payer system that would clearly be more efficient and deliver better care – with a Green New Deal that would foster renewable energy and cleaner living – with a peace oriented foreign policy built on democratic values and self determination over economic exploitation.

The CBO report that is the subject of this article describes the many issues that must be taken into account in moving from an inefficient multi-payer system to an efficient single payer system. My point is that there are similar transition issues with every progressive policy that we need to make a better world for ourselves and our children. There will be displaced people whose current jobs in the insurance industry are eliminated just as there will be displaced coal miners, or displaced people working in manufacturing missiles if more rational public policy options are adopted.

Thus, my plan would be to create FAPA (Federal Affected Peoples Agency) – as a permanent federal agency with a sizable budget to deal with the transition issues created by solving these manmade economic disasters. FAPA would provide expertise in preparedness planning to avoid joblessness or saving and pension depletion, retraining and alternate employment options, relocation costs, small business loans for those hiring displaced workers into the new economy, etc…

Whether it’s health care or global warming or excessive military adventurism, our solutions must include careful transition planning. We need a FAPA, just as we need a FEMA. With each sound proposal progressive people make, we always face a fight over transition issues. I say, let’s deal with that up front. Create a FAPA with a $20 billion per year budget like the FEMA budget. As a nation, we must help everyday people displaced by abrupt policy changes. Expertise in mitigating such affects should have the same priority as everyone recognizes now for mitigating natural disasters.


I started reading part of the CBO article. and I saw that some nations like Tawian do a great job for all citizens—but then of course some people have to feel special all the time, and so then westart getting into A, B, C and forget it kinds of doctors, If this were a real democratic republic, by now, we would all have health care as paid by our taxes. We would ,of course, have to take money form the military, but they don’t seem to know what they are doing with it anyway, so I don’ suppose they matter. EVERYONE needs to be covered, because otherwise the sneaky corporations start sliding in again. Well face it, the the very best will probably move to certain areas of the nation anyway. but with the climate crisis, it seems that if America is to last, ALL citizens need to be covered, and I believe that all people , citizen or not . need coverage–just look at how crazy measles has gotten, so all people need care.
When one of my neighbors went to France, he apparently got very drunk and passed out at a bus stop. NO one robbed him and France didn’t charge him a penny. That sounds like a good idea. ALL people have access to the same health care, and if the military can steal and lose money, then it would seem that there is plenty of healthcare money for all. Remembering too that health care for all also means more jobs for many. and more taxes paid by workers too.


Agree completely. One of CD’s many virtues is providing good, in depth information on topics other mainstream news sources neglect. I too found this a very helpful article and have downloaded it to reread and put in long-term memory - and appreciate the input from other readers such as jujudahl and webwalk.


Doctors control who and how many get in and how many graduate from medical school to become doctors. By limiting the numbers, the high degree of competition and their scarcity drives pay higher.
The process is purposeful.


Very good post. All education has to become more affordable. If Cuba and India and other less developed nations can produce large numbers of qualified doctors, surely we can. Also the numbers of PA’s and NP’s entering primary medicine is encouraging.

It’s in the works!

I learned BO was a fraud the second he dropped MFA…another lying politician, no better than the rest. :pleading_face: