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New CBO Score Makes Clear: Trumpcare is 'Political Suicide' in Senate


New CBO Score Makes Clear: Trumpcare is 'Political Suicide' in Senate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As outrage continues to percolate over the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) score for Trumpcare—showing 23 million Americans stand to lose their healthcare and those who don't will be stuck with inferior, pricier coverage—advocates and activists are directing their ire toward the U.S. Senate, which is currently crafting its own version of the bill.


Trump care needs to be called what it really is: Trump doesn't care!


Seems to me the likes of Schumer and fellow corporate democrats are doing a 'splendid' job sabotaging the only healthcare system that will actually cover everyone and at less cost. Improved Medicare For All!


Yup. Can anyone point to one action that Schumer has taken on behalf of universal healthcare? Plenty of after the fact lip service, but nothing even approximating leadership toward a system for all. Heck, Chuckie, we're not asking much--we'd even settle for the healthcare members of Congress get for themselves.


Okay, so the ACA is better than what proceeded it, and it is better than this monster of a bill. However, it is not sustainable and the rate of price increases of medicines and health care are still far outpacing wage growth. Many of the leading Democrats (maybe they should be called Demosaurs) refuse to support single payer. Okay, so what the hell is their alternative then? They aren’t for this horrible bill (which is good), but their alternative is horribly flawed as well, and if it is going to be improved it would necessarily have to move closer to single payer. Their lack of an answer is why their party is toast, and them not changing anything about their party or the policies it supports is telling.


When will Americans get it. The RepubliCons are only in power due to their endless CONS and lies which continue to succeed, regardless of the fact that they negatively impact the very people who vote for them. We need to pull back the curtain and reveal the fact that they are nothing more than sophisticated CON artists.


Here is a partial list of the things that classify as a preexisting condition and will not be covered:

pre diabetes syndrome
high blood pressure
cardiac arrhythmia
HIV infection
any birth defect of any kind
vision problems
history of alcohol consumption
rape and any of the consequences of being raped


Don't expect much from MoveOn either. A whole article on health care and all the action MoveOn is proposing but not a single word about HR 676. MoveOn can do us all a favor and just MoveOn.


Sad to say, there seem to be a number of these groups that claim progressive values, but which have rolled over into the establishment Dem camp, with the same apparent strategy of focusing on Trump's awfulness. These DP mouthpieces seem not to understand the great opportunity to mobilize a real movement for change, not just a restoration of the former status quo..


Well, I'm hopeful, but from what I'm seeing Quist isn't where he needs to be in Montana at the moment. Was always going to be tough, but I sure wouldn't call Trumpcare political suicide.


A culture immersed in a technological, ideological rationality that sees numbers on healthcare documents as more important than people should be put in a coffin.