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New CDC Report Raises Alarm About Growing Threat of 'Nightmare Bacteria'

New CDC Report Raises Alarm About Growing Threat of 'Nightmare Bacteria'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Adding to mounting concerns about widespread antibiotic resistance, U.S. public health officials detected more than 220 cases of what they described as "nightmare bacteria" across more than half the country last year, according to a new government report.

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This new strain has been around a while.
And reported in a few countries.


I’m surprised the “hear no evil” trump regime would allow the CDC to even publish this report - it is after all actually based on science…you know, that dirty word…still, they will do nothing about it, or at least try not to…when trump was in school he failed science miserably and has been brooding about it thinking about getting even ever since…


How to deal with nightmare bacteria:

  1. Smaller hospitals, smaller nursing homes. This reduces transmission.

  2. Have more hospital rooms, and then spend either more time or more ozone/alcohol/UV rays killing bacteria when the extra hospital rooms sit empty.

  3. Immune system strengthening of patients.

Now, these tools cost some money, and hospital chains despise spending money. So people will just have to die needlessly.


Scientific papers documenting transmissible antibiotic resistance were published almost 50 years ago. See “Some Environmental Consequences of the misuse of Antibiotics: or “What goes up must come down” Richmond, M.H. (1972) J. appl. Bact. 35, 155-176

Containment strategies are a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted – much better to regulate antibiotic usage – especially their insane misuse in livestock production and fish-farming. That’s apart from doctors routinely overprescribing antibiotics and treating viral infections with antibiotics. Definitely a job for “Big Government”. It only took Strep about ten years to turn Penicillin into a food source.