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New Census Data Demand Action on Inequality and Poverty


New Census Data Demand Action on Inequality and Poverty

Melissa Boteach

The U.S. Census Bureau released data this week showing little to no improvement in poverty and family incomes in 2014, despite a falling unemployment rate.


There is hardly any room for monetary policy to help matters any. It will take fiscal policy more generous to the poor to help, and that is at the mercy of Republicans in Congress. We could really use a lot of repairs, replacement, and upgrades of most of our infrastructure which is really worn out. Refurbishing infrastructure, especially replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy would provide jobs for many skill levels, foremen on down to apprentice.


How tiresome. I'm more leftist than most people who visit this site, but the unspoken assumption in this article -- that the government should just pump an infinite amount of money and other resources into poorer households -- is even repulsive to me. After half a century of myriad social programs, the idea that "inequality and poverty" are the causes of society's ills is just ludicrous. In cities and rural towns across America tonight, gun battles and drug deals will be going down like never before, and it's very obvious that "inequality and poverty" have nothing to do with that trend. Schools and colleges are bending over backward to help students and many companies are making extraordinary efforts to hire young people willing to work hard, but a sizable chunk of the population would much rather make their living on the street. Figuring out how to change that behavior will be a lot harder than just increasing welfare checks and after-school programs. Can we please get away from the "inequality and poverty" mantra long enough to get serious about America's rapidly disintegrating society?


If money is the root of all evil and a few oligarchs hoard this evil, what does that make these oligarchs?

If conservatives worship these oligarchs, what does that make conservatives?


I couldn't resist sharing this outrageous story by Jim Hightower- U.S. taxpayers, via the National Parks Service are financing an $8 MILLION DOLLAR monument to Corporate Greed, in honor of one of the greediest Industrialists of the 19th Century-One George Pullman- I'll let Jim Hightower tell the story since he says it best:

Thank you, taxpayers, for financing a monument to greed

Monday, August 31, 2015 | Posted by Jim Hightower

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"History," as the old adage goes, "is written by the winners." Even though many "winners" are losers as human beings.

For a clear example of this irony, check out the new National Monument to corporate greed created by our Park Service in Chicago. It's on the site of what had been Pullman, a company town created by the feudalistic, 19th century profiteer, George Pullman. He amassed a fortune as a rail car manufacturer, infamously suppressing the wages of his 5,000 factory workers.

Yet, he considered himself a beneficent employer, having built a 600-acre town for the workforce and vaingloriously naming the new homeplace for himself. It included houses he rented to them, churches, schools, a bank, library, and parks – all owned by his company. Indeed, when officials announced this year that Pullman's town was becoming an honored part of America's park system, officials attested to his generosity by hailing it as a place he created "to provide his employees a good life."

PullmanTown's workers, however, were less charmed, for he ruled the burg as autocratically as he did his factories. No saloons or "agitators" were allowed, nor did he allow any public speeches, town meetings, independent newspapers, or even open discussions. Resentful residents created a little ditty that summed up the surreal feel of the place: "We are born in a Pullman House, fed from the Pullman shops, taught in the Pullman schools, catechized in the Pullman Church, and when we die, we shall go to Pullman hell."

In 1894, the workers got Pullman's hell on Earth when he drastically cut their wages, but refused to lower their rent. He had guaranteed a six-percent return to the wealthy investors who financed the town, he explained – and their needs came first.

Now, 120 years later, we taxpayers are financing a monument to this loser's greed?

"Nearly $8 Million Donated To National Park Foundation In Support Of Pullman National Monument," www.NationalParks.org, February 19, 2015.


Raum Immanuel must be proud as Duel Israeli/American Citizen Mayor of Chicago, which is an equally unsettling story in and of it'self-