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New Charter School Plan Should Alarm the Nation


New Charter School Plan Should Alarm the Nation

Jeff Bryant

Charter schools already have a segregation problem. But a new law about to pass in North Carolina would direct even more taxpayer money into funding charter schools that by design, if not by intent, lead to more racial segregation of school children.

This is not only an alarming development in the Old South, where schools made substantial progress on integration since the landmark Brown v. Board Supreme Court case made racially separate schools illegal in 1954.


Fundamentally , at the level of the individual ,freedom is about both the awareness of and the ability to choose from different options. When they package up Charter schools and the ability of a parent to choose with “freedom” they are fundamentally correct. This however is only true when all individuals have an equal opportunity to pick from those choices.

When the availability of choices is predicated on how much money one has then Freedoms are being given to those that have that money , while it being removed from those that do not. Any society that puts an individuals choices behind the firewall of MONEY can not be deemed Free , or Democratic unless that money equally available to all. Now a society can remain functional if that moneyed access is for stuff deemed non essential such as a Car , but when it gets down to the essentials such as health care, food, shelter and education thn that society begins the rush towards having one small group with priveleges at the expense of the others.

Now Education is often claimed to be the tool needed to IMPROVE ones Social standing and thus access to more of that money which then allows access to all of those other Choices. By limiting choices to the same based on wealth , the permanent underclass is assured. In reality this not much different then the Caste based system in India.

These initiatives at the core are not about “freedom”. They are about entrenching class privilege.


Charter Schools do alarm me, they have from the beginning. Lets not sugar coat it , Charter Schools came from the religious right. For years they tried to get taxes for public schools diverted to religious schools, charters are their compromise. I might be wrong, but I place part of the blame of this on the Un-Supreme Court, had they not struck down sections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, we would not be in such of a precarious position, and the right would not be able to steam-roll us so effectively.


North carolina should be dis-invited from the Union.
They are nothing but hillbillies and assholes one and all.


Re segregating schools was the plan all along if you read forty years of history. It really was the whole point of the phony Religious Right and the Tea Party and the whole Koch brothers agenda among other things. This is really why these people hate political correctness so much. Political correctness means that they have to acknowledge that bigotry is wrong when they don’t really feel that way. This is partly why Trump is pardoning bigots and racists. Trump feels sorry for the poor bigots who are constantly being called out for being unacceptable. He identifies with them.

Racism and bigotry as something good was originally why they took up the whole anti-abortion issue in the first place, they were horrified and furious over desegregation. They have been using the anti-abortion issue to get more support for their agenda. Read Democracy in Chains. The election of Barack Obama was a wakeup call for racists who hate the idea that an African American can pass rules or laws that any white person has to follow. This is why Trump ran for president, to undo everything that Obama did, right or wrong because Obama is black. There is massive racism in this country whether we want to see it or not. This is also the underlying part about the fear of Muslims, immigrants, and different kinds of people. Right wingers are uncomfortable with anything different. They live by fear, bigotry, and hate. They are probably at least partly hardwired that way and have no desire to change. This is why I am beginning to think that we should never have fought the Civil War. We should have just let them go so that they would then leave the rest of us alone. Now we are stuck with them. I don’t see much solution when almost half of America is either blatantly racist or at least sympathetic to racism, sexism, and every kind of bigotry. These folks are also particularly afraid because young people are becoming less racist overall and the population of people of color in America is increasing while the number of whites are decreasing in the population. This puts pressure on the racists to take over government and create an elitist dictatorship now or never. It may also be at least partly why they want to ban birth control and abortion thinking that there might be more white babies born. It is also why they fear and hate South American immigrants so much. It is also why the phony evangelicals promote a version of Christianity that is exactly what the KKK would approve of. Sometimes I just wish that these folks would take over the south and seceed and we can ship all the racists down south so that they will let the rest of us alone. They are like woodpeckers, they never stop pushing their evil racist bigoted anti-intellectual hateful agenda and the rest of us have to constantly fight back against this stuff. Neverending conflict is getting tiresome and wastes too much energy that would be better devoted to progress. Why cant I just move to a tolerant non racist planet or something. I’m so tired of this crap!


The problem begins when one thinks money can buy education.


The fact that all the elites can afford to send their children to the best private schools and universities – along with their elite friends and business contacts – doesn’t mean a damn thing, does it? Hell, these privileged brats start their working life making more money a year than the vast majority of the commoner working class will ever earn annually.

Go sell your shit elsewhere! Your sales pitch of stolen phrases aren’t worth 1-cent to those who know better.


You really are clueless.


I suggest a closer reading of history, including speeches by important Confederate leaders, would make it clear to you that the South and its pro-slavery agenda had no intention to ‘leave the rest of us alone,’ but instead was firmly committed to the spread of slavery outside its, momentary, borders.


I would suggest spending some time reading Upton Sinclair’s The Goose Step, and almost anything by Jonathan Kozol and realizing that, for a much longer time than you seem to be aware of, there is a whole lot more at work in the failing educational system than “teacher’s unions, PC and REgressives.”