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New CIA Torture Documents Confirm Chilling Details of Khaled El-Masri’s 'Kafka-esque' Ordeal



One thing to remember is that the peoples in the employ of the US Governmnet that torture other human beings were fathers and peoples that live in your neighborhoods and that are treated as heroes. They also ENJOYED what they were doing. No one can torture another human unless they take a certain amount of pleasure in it.


I don't get the appeal to Obama. Wouldn't it be more effective to point out his actions as President to stifle any investigation let alone prosecution of war crimes including torture?

Pretending that Obama will do anything but block any path to prosecution is completely ineffective, and actually promotes the falsehood that Obama would have such an interest to begin with.

He has proven with his own Executive Branch actions, he has no such intent to hold anyone accountable for the international crime against humanity of torture.


What percentage of people will ever know about this?

My guess ... only a very small percentage. We know this story will not be covered by mainstream media or the right-wing websites. The only people who will learn about this specific story are those who intentionally visit progressive or left-wing media sources.

What we (regular visitors on this website) need to understand, I'm afraid, is that only a very small minority of total media audience is getting this message. I think that I read somewhere that Common Dreams has 20,000+ average viewers a day. For this type of website; this is outstanding. However, when we compare our traffic on Common Dreams to CNN (as just one example), we are overshadowed so bad that it's painful to acknowledge.

At this point time, as much as we progressives and leftists don't want to admit, our message of truth and of the reality of the disease of destruction that has totally overtaken our government in the U.S. is not being widely distributed or widely seen, heard or read by the vast majority of the citizenry in the U.S.

The job ahead of us is so huge that it will take every one of us participating in our fight against the status quo in our country as dictated by the elite ruling class to make a dent in the current state of ignorance and denial ... the condition desired by the state and it's ruling class.


I was awakened out of my slumber by the Bush Supreme Court decision on the election, and began my concentrated reading right away. Mr. Masri's case was one of the early indications of a world turned upside down by extreme injustice and, I thought, an excellent way to point out their wrong-full ways and stop the injustice. Wrong. Mr. Masri, when he finally began to get a public hearing, was clearly a decent and severely wronged man.

Some day the reenactment of his ordeal will become a classic example of America's decline into barbarism. I'm devastated to actually write this but I know it is the truth.

Today we are presented with two individuals who seem totally incapable of correcting our great decline. How long will this go on?