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New Clinton Transition Head Has Some TPP ‘Splainin To Do


New Clinton Transition Head Has Some TPP ‘Splainin To Do

Dave Johnson

Hillary Clinton has appointed Former Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar, a big supporter of TPP, to lead her transition team, should she be elected President. Politico has more, in Clinton campaign transition chief has pushed for TPP:


What part of the fact that Clinton IS a hardcore TPP supporter does this guy Dave Johnson have so damn much trouble understanding?


Mark your calendars for the November 9, 2016 bonfire where every progressive plank (loaded on to Hillary's campaign during CLINTONCON in Philly) will be unloaded and torched with the ashes scattered.


I always hate it when these evil forces put their pretty names on destruction, "Progressive Coalition for American Jobs".


"Democratic" Party


It should be no surprise to anyone, nor is explanation necessary. Clinton is a neocon, an Oligarch, and therefore a big supporter of the TPP.


Amazing how it is the same cast of characters that keep the corporate status quo rolling along.


Another article on TPP that talks about jobs and not about the Handover of National Sovereignty to Corporations.


Our local Obamabots, turned Hillbots have never cared about TPP and never will. They are partisans...period.

Even if they go broke and end up living under a bridge, they will continue to blame the GOP for all their problems.


It alsways so strange how these old names from past administrations keep turning up again and again .

With families they say "Blood is thicker than water".

With the "political families" that head so many of the Governments of today "Corruption is thicker than blood"


Another lie...Shoulda known. The Emporass's dresses are beginning to show!

I thought, she had actually moved a little towards Bernie, I was dead wrong.

HRC, You just lost my vote!!!


"These old names from the past."

That's called the political class.
They keep reappearing over and over because the oligarchy likes the way they spin the truth in favor of the plutocrats.


Actually, the pattern also exists overseas as the same individuals have been instrumental to the transitions that have taken place in Russia, Poland, South Africa, etc.

Author Janine Wedel maps the web of these powerful individuals and refers to them and their strategic networks as The Shadow Elite. I am waiting for my copy of Mike Lofgren's book on "The Deep State" to look for overlapping theories and figures.

What I find most notable about Mr. Johnson's article are the relative high returns on pretty pitiful investments:

"In late 2014 the firm spent at least $30,000 lobbying for renewal of “fast-track” Trade Promotion Authority and on issues related to the TPP on behalf of the Business Roundtable, an influential group of top executives from major U.S. corporations, the congressional disclosure database shows. More recently, between April and June of this year, it spent $50,000 lobbying on trade policy and regulatory issues more generally on behalf of the building materials company Owens Corning Corporation, records show."

The donors are turning 5-figure sums into 8 and 9 figure sums virtually overnight! More fiscal magic from Wall Street's most dangerous dark alchemists.


"Splainin" Dave? This is the best you can come up with? How about this appointment shows the absolute commitment of HRC to return to her original sellout to global corporatism via the TPP!

HRC is, and has been her entire career, dedicated to big-money, vulture capitalism, and all its mechanisms that further usury, exploitation, and profits above all else! ANY supposed support for "progressive" issues, including her current "opposing" the Trojan Horse TPP (under certain conditions of course), are rubbish - just her typical political maneuvering and lies with zero truth or moral compass behind them!

Wait for her other appointments, probably including Goldman-Sachs pigs.
How about Salazar's major role in the worst oil spill in (US) history as Interior Sec - failing to protect the GULF by mandating Acoustic Switches on all wells, instead protected oil industry profits - not such a good choice was it Ken?
Salazar is especial odious for decimating wildlife in the west especially large predators and wild Mustangs/horses to serve "welfare ranchers" - he is a complete tool of despoliation and exploitation in the model of "Dick" Cheney!


I agree with your post.

Corruption knows no borders and those that seek naught but wealth and power , that 1 percent , have more in common with each other than everyone else. The working class in all countries have to recognize they have more in common with one another than that 1 percent.

Trump is a Billionaire and an Oligarch just as is Wang Jianlin in China. Just because Trump is an American it does not mean he suddenly has values other billionaires do not have just because they not American.His values are more money and power and if that comes at the cost of American workers he perfectly willing to sacrifice them. That is what a system built around Capital is about. People are secondary .

Those poor migrants from Mexico and Syria and the Honduras and Haiti are not the problem even as the one percent will claim they are.


The handover was complete after the neutering of Bernie Sanders. It has become crystal-clear that voting is a charade and that the vast majority of the populace can be neutered as well. The corporate state now can do whatever it wishes, no matter how egregious, and will not be called to task, barring unlikely mass revulsion.


Clinton never gave an opinion on fast track. I think she is limiting her opinions to the actual document and not giving opinions on the process. Other than knowing that she is against the document as it is written I doubt if we are going to find out anything else about her views on the TPP. The latest poll that I know about shows that she has the support of 93% of Democrats so at this point she has enough votes on the left. I think she is probably concentrating her focus on getting the votes of independents and those voters referred to as Reagan Democrats who usually vote Republican.


He also said he would take his campaign all the way to the convention--which he did not do.


And notice how many of them are too old to really give a rip about the future. This election season should BELONG to the voters under 40! If that were the case, we'd have an entirely different cast of characters out front right now. The entrenched "old guard" cannot quit messing things up for everybody else.


They left off two words:
"Progressive coalition for American jobs going overseas"