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'New Cold War' Heats Up as Putin Responds to US With Nuclear Threats of Its Own

The investors in the MIC are impatiently waiting for their returns…


It would be hard to imagine worse news, though few of us likely imagined that Russia would ignore an American strike.

It is bad news that Putin imagines that he needs to say this, worse that the American government gives him full reason to imagine that.

In no small part, this is the fruit of pretending that the downfall of Clinton’s ambitions came from Russia, the better to attack a rightist blowhard president from the militarist right.

Any one of several hundred people or any of an unspecified number of digital entities might set this off in response to one or another perception or misperception. When leaders feel called upon to bluster with threats that they would prefer to not carry out, they do so to intimidate and mislead as much as to provide warning. They do so in fear, to let out that they are not intimidated.

They are frightening, not the least so when they appear foolish. They are signaling also to henchmen, some of whom might make that fatal decision under one or another circumstances.

Let’s hope for dawn.

Putin’s belligernce raises interesting questions about his relationship with Trump. The evidence is clear that Putin preferred Trump and actively contributed to his victory. And clearly, Trump is more than deferential to Putin. Thus, Putin should be able to tell Trump to adjust US nuclear policy more to his liking, if the standard Democratic view of their relationship is accurate, no?

So how real are the threats? Is Putin just posturing as part of his faux election campaign? Is he bluffing about the actual hand he holds vis a vis US nuclear threats? Is he sending a serious warning to those reasonable militarists at the Pentagon who have been talking about first strike nuclear war?

He never mentioned Trump in his speech. Why not? Is Putin out to help Trump in some way or does he have nothing but contempt for his weakness? Does he doubt Trump’s ability to actually control “his” generals? And finally, who will receive Putin’s critical technical support in the 2016 and 2018 elections if Trump proves unable or unwilling to rein in the anti-Russian elements in the Pentagon and Intelligence?

Fear is the oligarchy’s greatest weapon.

Direct Democracy

Agreed. Trump, Netanyahu, N. Korea would be the madmen imo

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I would not call Trump an “incompetent Buffoon”. He and his extremist friends like defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis knows exactly what he is doing.

And in 2016, it was Trump who shook the nuclear sabers by asking, not-so-rhetorically: “what good are nuclear weapons if we never use them” - along with calls for massive expansion of the war machine - in speeches and on his campaign website and on the Republican platform. Meanwhile, Hillary, while like every US politician save for Rep. Barbara Lee, was not for disarmament either, at least never called for any of this in her speeches or on her campaign web site or on the Democratic platform.

But do you even remember any of what the candidates actual positions were over the din of psychopathological Hillary-hate - a mass psychological phenomenon that must have been a psy-op of some kind in the way its adherents would, in a highly coordinated manner on both the left and right, bark the same endlessly repeated boilerplate memes: “Red Queen!!”, “Clinton Foundation!!!”, “The E-mail account!!!” and “Hillary Killary” (where “Killary” referred to either, Vince Foster (the right), or Muhamar Kaddafi (the left)?

Meanwhile, Trump, who is the very embodiment of corruption, bribery, and ties to the Mob, and clearly advocated every position of the extreme reactionary forces that his election would sweep into power, was called a “champion of the working class”, “a peacemaker” or at very worse, “a harmless buffoon”.

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Great Job Liberal Democrats. You’ve done a wonderful job making Russia our number one enemy, pushing us closer to a nuclear exchange, A day doesn’t go by that I don’t hear a negative story about Russia on NPR.



Yes, no doubt we now have Dr. Strangelove with his finger on the nuclear trigger and I do not about you, but it scares the hell out of me!

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Hillary is ramping up HER ‘the Russians are Coming’ rhetoric this week.

HER claim: The Russians are going to tamper in this year’s elections and Trump isn’t doing anything to prevent it.

I’m sure she thinks that a few nukes would show those Rooskies!

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I was too young, but I wonder if it was this nuts during the Cuban missile crisis?

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Soooooo true! Including… causing the country we all love ( not the government) being attacked by Russian nukes.

Yep, she and her followers have been pushing their bullshit propaganda for a long time now in regards to Russia. If you look at what they have shown so far, their rhetoric is insanely over the top, Hannity like. We now know that immediately after she lost, her team got together and decided to blame Russia. Fucking absurd. Early in 2017, the DOC formed a war room left by Trump. What do they say they would focus on? Russia, Trump’s business ties and his personal behavior. Nothing at all was said about actual issues. If people cannot see this as obvious propaganda, it is because they are naive, in on it, easy to fool, are hawkish, or simply dont want to deal with the fact that she lost because she was a horrible candidate


I do not remember it, but this seems worse to me.

I side with Russia and Putin along with Syria, Iran and whoever else they are allied with simply because those threatening them are the aggressive killers. Trump was installed into the presidency for exactly the purpose that is now rapidly playing out. You have to be freaking nuts to think America is on the right side in what is developing with America and their blood thirsty allies who think they own everything of value across the entire Earth and will murder everyone to steal it.

Are you aware that the attribution of Trump saying that is from Joe Scarborough saying that someone at a cocktail party told him a friend of his overheard someone saying they heard Trump say that?


Syria and Iran are hardly allies. I thought it was Killary who was to be the warmonger? Trump is anti establishment peace guy.

They desperately need you at the White House. I understand Director of Cummunications is open.


Ah, no. What Putin is saying is that if Russia is attacked with nuclear weapons that they will respond. The clear policy of Russia, as out line in 2010, is that they will not use nuclear weapons in a first strike. Putin didn’t say anything to change this.

Plus it is Hillary Clinton propaganda that Trump is a baby man who is so impulsive we can’t trust him to go off the handle and launch a first strike. She and her surrogates started saying this 2 years ago and now people believe it.

But tell me, what has Trump done since he entered the White House that would make anyone think the man is unpredictable and does things impulsively you wouldn’t expect? Hasn’t he in fact acted just like we expect each and every time?

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Callme’s magic word: Putin.

Not just Kaddafi, but all the victims of the wars she’s promoted.

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