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New DARK Act Would Keep American Consumers on Hold


New DARK Act Would Keep American Consumers on Hold

Scott Faber

The new version of the DARK Act introduced by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) would allow companies to voluntarily rely on toll-free numbers and websites instead of labels to inform American consumers whether their food was produced with genetic engineering.


From 1973:


Remember when Rumsfeld (I think it was) said that "we'd be increasingly acting on the Dark side" or words to that effect?

Now here comes the Dark Act.

What is more personal than the choice of what to eat?

Many times I've brought up the sickening fact that the climate of trespass created by corporate polluters of all stripes makes it inordinately difficult for any singular culpable (or dangerous) agent to be identified.

Look at America today! People in other nations say they can see an American in the crowd due to how sickly they look... and then there's the obesity thing. Serious numbers of obese citizens.

I remember when some kind of oil was being added to potato chips and processed snack foods that led to a "leaky gut." (This was specified on the label.)

When these oils composed of genetically engineered soy or corn end up inside human intestines, they are such alien items that the human body doesn't have any experience in how to biologically break them down.

When normally occurring gut bacteria die, the body's immune system loses one of its major protective mechanisms.

The incredibly high rates of Cancer, Diabetes, obesity, depression, autism, and allergies suggests a MENACE to public health. Again, with so many insults to basic biology taking aim at everyone, it's very difficult to isolate specific causative agents and prove--beyond a reasonable doubt--that said agent is responsible for diminished health.

Lastly, whenever I read the latest assault on the individual consumer/voter/citizen... I think of the parody of all those troops purportedly fighting foreign wars to preserve our freedoms... just as freedoms of all sorts are being signed off and away.

These freedoms include everything from the right to privacy to the right to determine what we wish to consume... knowing that these days, MANY products are very, very unhealthy so that deciding on a family's diet is increasingly coming to represent a nutritional version of Russian roulette!