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New Data: 2.7 Million Animals Killed by Rogue Federal Wildlife Program in 2014


New Data: 2.7 Million Animals Killed by Rogue Federal Wildlife Program in 2014

Center for Biological Diversity

WASHINGTON - New data from the highly secretive arm of the U.S. Agriculture Department known as Wildlife Services reveals it killed more than 2.7 million animals during fiscal year 2014, including wolves, coyotes, bears, mountain lions, beavers, foxes, eagles and other animals deemed pests by powerful agricultural, livestock and other special interests.



Sickening….Besides the horrible slaughter, the balance of nature will show up, and harm even more. Idiots slaughtered coyotes years ago so the rabbits took over. Then they slaughtered the rabbits…Animals need each level of wildlife to survive, and the vegetation needs the balance. Man plowed up acres, to farm, so we got the “Dust Bowl”. They are basically doing this again, with the drought. Man messing with nature for industry and special interests, will ruin the natural process. I suppose, the animals were tossed and not used, at all, after being slaughtered? Man just can not leave nature alone, but needs to ruin and exploit, all our water, soil, air, resources, rainfall….If they figure out how to subjugate the sun, or wind it will be next…The rich get richer, doing this, as the poor get hungry and do without.


It is disappointing indeed to see that the American Federal Wildlife Program is really just
a killing machine, with no desire for animal or natural balance. The gene that prompted
these yahoos to exterminate the carrier pigeon for fun is still alive and well in the federal
government. Hopefully, the bureaucrats may eventually receive some of the injustice that
they hand out, and the wildlife program will become history. Of course, Europe does a
much better job with nature than these retarded American cowboys. Typical.