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New Data Reveals 'Alarming Escalation' of Acts to Intimate Abortion Facilities

New Data Reveals 'Alarming Escalation' of Acts to Intimate Abortion Facilities

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As reproductive rights face continued attacks on the state and federal levels, just-released data reveals an "alarming escalation" in violence and harassment aimed at abortion providers and those seeking their services.

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I think it’s time to take over some alphabetical letters… like N, R and A
Which of course stands for : NEVER REPEAL ABORTION. Of course, outside of a clinic maybe the N the R and T A would be enough.

If not, then the next time a man shouts at people in the N R A clinic and threatens them…
It might be fun to have a recording made by a man, a big, mean, strong voiced and full of confidence man ---- kind of recording.

The pre recorded message would would yell back----: N R A castrations available immediately!

Maybe that would make harassing people stop and revaluate , or maybe it would make it worse. What do you think?


I like it!


In Jesus’ name


Our ecosystems–our support system–is everywhere on the brink of collapse, threat of nuclear wars a distinct possibility and all these moral monsters can do is focus on dominating women. They do not see the hypocrisy of their position as they would leave an inhabitable planet for the very unborn generations they profess to defend.


With all of the misogyny coming out of the WH, it wont be long until these wingnuts start taking shots at these women and clinics again.
Their new slogan will be: God wants us to kill to stop abortion
It’s unreal how brainwashed these nut jobs are.


I think it is pretty obvious what should happen next. If threats are to be tossed around, then the politicians screwing with abortion rights should be on the list too. No pun intended with the “screwing.”

When places are threatened, fences are built and guard dogs should be used. Retired military and police dogs would do just fine’

PS Ever get the reference to wood?