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'New Day' for Queens Democratic Machine as Sanders and Warren Supporters Defeat Attempt to Ram Through Biden Endorsement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/30/new-day-queens-democratic-machine-sanders-and-warren-supporters-defeat-attempt-ram


"POWER TO THE PEOPLE!" This is proof of what can happen when “We the People” use our numbers against the establishment and their attempts to make decisions that are best for them and not the “general public”.


This will be a great idea, being transparent, when the WFP announces its endorsement. And since Warren’s campaign is pushing for transparency here, surely it will refuse an endorsement from the WFP if it is clearly done in a way that is not transparent. Oh, wait…


This kind of bullshit went down in my city council ward last year.

Behind the scenes manipulation of the primary, then the standard endorsement of the less progressive Democrat. I’m having trouble trusting my reps and I’m in the most liberal ward in town.


Why the feigned surprise by the county stooges?  This attempt by Meeks was just a copy of what the DNC did on a national level in 2016.

Right On!!   BERNIE 2020!!!


And the “dynamic duo” of Sanders and Warren take another step closer to uniting as a team.


A good object lesson in politics. Back room wheeling and dealing is the norm. It’s how Humphrey got the nomination win 1968 without even entering a primary. Political parties are not legally bound to follow their own rules. Remember this when the Democrats head to Milwaukee, next summer, for the convention.


The dynamic duo would be Bernie and AOC, from my vantage point at least. Bernie is more like Warren than he is Biden, but constantly grouping them together feeds into the impression that there is little difference between the two, which is clearly not true.


And nominate Biden.


And thereby re-elect Trump.


Unfortunately, yes. Sanders will need a a significant majority of delegates in his corner to have a chance, enough to threaten the party bosses with a wholesale mutiny. Close won’t do it. Even then …


Let’s keep the Sanders proclaimed NEW DAY IN QUEENS in perspective:

Interesting that though she bowed out early after campaigning in Dem Presidential primaries, NY Senator Gillibrand, branded as not Progressive Enough by Uberized Hipsters here in PoTown, Ore stood her ground and with only 8 other Democratic Senators who voted down Trump’s big boost of a raise to Daddy Warbucks in the 2020 budget. Even Neo-Liberal E-CON Senator Take-US-4-Granted and KORUS, FTA 2012 supporter of Obama-Biden’s betrayal trade bill that went down to defeat with minority Dem and majority GOP approval, even Yellow Dog Wyden voted down the 2020 Raise to Daddy Warbucks allowance and license renewal to kill while filling the Saudi Royal family’s high tech hangars of military materiel along with transport and Israeli high priced military avionics increasing Saudi air strike range managed in Jidda and Riyadh often with Israeli military contractors. Israel’s license provider for sale of sensitive military tech and training, SIBAT, hasn’t had any problems encouraging such deals.

When former Mideast Journalist and Military Analyst Leslie Cockburn, with close contacts in Israeli military hierarchy ran as a Democrat for U.S. elected office in Virginia last year the Zionist Lobby led by Virginia’s Far Right Christian churches and colleges tarred her viciously. Few Jewish Diaspora organizations spoke or counter-protested in her defense:

This is why when folks want to claim these dark times began with the Trump-Pence administration, we really need to look at the striking continuity of bi-partisan policy in the often self-defeating and self-destructive policies of those who’ve put personal profits over U.S. or Israel’s Public Interest. As for candidate Sanders accentuation of the positive in the borough of my birth and formative years, a dear friend (from Oregon) sent me this article from the local QUEENS EAGLE daily newspaper a couple weeks ago. She noted with the link “ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL”

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DCCC to Consultants: Helping to Elect a Republican? Sure, We’ll Work With You.

The DNC and DCCC Confirm They Won’t Support Progressive Candidates

National Democrats Have Endorsed Three Former Republicans in Key Senate Races
Senate Democrats’ campaign arm has endorsed three former Republicans, adding to a list of races in which the party has continued a futile strategy of backing moderates over candidates with more progressive platforms.


the lack of democracy in choosing candidate rampant in the “democratic” party is now revealed openly. let’s give credit to the grassroots movements on the ground which has been at it for years. and bless AOC and BERNIE for moving it forward! GO BERNIE GO AOC!


You set up a " strawman " point to make a case that voting for very bloated DoD appropriatons didn’t start with Trump/Pence. Well, duh. The Uniparty Consensus has been alive and kicking ass since the Truman/Eisenhower Adms. 1956 MENA dustup involving Egypt and, of course,The House of Saud/Oiligarchies ring a bell?
As to Gillibrand; she has criticized the DoD about any number of lousy policies, so good for her. Her campaign never gained any traction for a variety of reasons. She’ll run again possibly when conditions are more favorable, or not.
Con. Meeks of Queens appears regularly on MSM outlets to do his part for the PTB. Why anyone would be surprised by his support of Biden and, the opaque nature of his apparatchiks on the county board, is not shocking but so typical of the machinations of The Failing Empire State. That whole hustle is pretty stale in a been there done that way.
How can we miss them when they won’t go away?


If those two were on the ticket and it meant better access to the d vote
frankly anything to help Bernie get elected to be our next president is fine with me.

Good first step. Now this needs to be nationwide on a consistent basis from here on in. The likes of Meeks succeed in part because they’re always at these sort of meetings.

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It appears more obvious as the days go on that the Democratic Party, and it’s third way power base, are more interested in fighting off a real progressive movement within the party than they are of defeating Donald trump and the GOP.
It’s 1968 all over again. When will the Democratic Party learn what the republicans have known for generations?
You don’t shit where you eat. But remember, vote Blue no matter who! Even if that candidate is a republican! (Like Biden)


If the corrupt DNCC once again hands the election, by nominating a forth Neo Liberal candidate in a row, to the Party Of No we can kiss America good by!


I worry about losing her in Congress. We need her stirring that “lump” of humanity up a bit.

Also, isn’t she too young?

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