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New “Day of Infamy,” Centuries Old White Supremacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/09/new-day-infamy-centuries-old-white-supremacy

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Having traveled all throughout the country and south Canuckdada during mid-August through mid-October in 2017-2019, I have seen quite a lot of things. I take the back roads almost exclusively, eschewing the interstate systems. Call me a Blue Highway guy, if you get that reference. There are too many stories to tell, so I shall pare it down to one. In South Dakota there were myriad water towers that were decorated with the Betsy Ross Flag, a “covert” symbol of white power. South Dakota’s demographics list its population as 85% White and 9% American Indian (sic) (from Wikipedia). Still they feel the need to exert the white power thing. That is a mental illness issue for which I am unable to cure. Or plain out mule mathematics on the plains. The sickness of it all cuts to the core of this nation. As a white male who is studied in the classics and has roped a goat or two in my time (a great way to embarrass oneself, if I do say so), I can travel almost anywhere and fit in–even the “ghetto” as I know to get the discussion to the best place to eat and then all tension is broken. I hold no malice toward anyone and can blend in. I don’t try to convert people to my way of thinking but prefer the challenge of understanding theirs. I never forget how flawed I am nor how fortunate life has treated me. Yes, my whiteness has been an accidental amenity in this nation–and that must stop. I too, need to be judged by the content of my character and not the color of my skin. Once I lose sight of that, I am but one more soul lost in the wilderness.


Unredacted FBI Document Sheds New Light on White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement
A 2006 intelligence assessment reveals that officials had concerns about the infiltration of police departments for years but failed to warn the public.


The problem is deeper than even this


Say what you will, Donald Trump and the GOP rallied all of the racists in this country to be their base.

Now, with the FBI and other Intelligence agencies clearly identifying White Nationalism otherwise known as Racism as the biggest domestic threat to our nation, it will be the responsibility of the Democratic party to initiate and pass legislation that addresses these simple facts by then enforcing these new laws and punishing severely those who disrespect them.

White men have been the masters of pure horror in this country. Greed and racism have been the tools of their trade. This has been ever apparent as we’ve all witnessed this week.

It’s time to expel the hatred and division of those in Congress who fomented the violence that led to many dying as a result of their words and deeds.


Let the record begin with: " The police put on their kiddy gloves and welcome the KKK into the buildings"


The right wing is claiming this attack on the Capitol was done by ANTIFA in disguise.

Every single one of those identified because they were so stupid they filmed themselves breaking the law and immediately posted to the web has been shown to be a Republican Trump Supporter.

The Police did not arrest on the scene yet some of these people are being sought by the FBI and arrested after however this merely means that they would be tried in the jurisdiction they were arrested in rather then in the City they committed their crimes in. This means that Gun Shop owner from Arkansas will be tried before a jury of Arkansas making convictions less likely.

At the end of the day these people were not all that bright. They now scramble now as they face consequences for their actions. They likely have more to fear from losing their jobs or seeing their businesses boycotted then going to prison as the system will work to ensure they do not see jail time.

Given they all not that bright yet are likely comfortably middle class or higher (Gun shop owners, persons that ran for office in rich jurisdictions, restaurant owners , lawyers and even CEOS of firms have been identified as part of the mob) , while a person of Color who might be of much higher intelligence will have much less net worth , just shows how far “white privilege” has gotten them in “The Free market”.


The officials “have been concerned” about this for years yet did not speak up about it. This shows it something they wanted to happen.


I would only add to the police response discussion, according to those in the know, per capita, the DC Police Department is the largest in the country. Then I believe there is a separate “Capital Police Department”, there is no excuse for the lack of bodies that day.


I seem to recall studies from various official sources, along this line being talked about in 2000 too.
So it’s nothing thy haven’t been aware of for a long time.

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By the way these “white Supremacists” exist in every country where there a white population. They are much more fragmented here then in the US but they are still there. This article details how they were infiltrating the Canadian Military by joining the reserves.


A number were weeded out and purged after these articles.


The Army Commander indicating those that did not report Racism are complicit in it. Public pressure lead to this crackdown.

This article details further how these supremacists emboldened by what happens south of the border.


They are like cancer. You have to excise them before they grow into something malignant. Looking the other way just creates further problems for future generations.