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New Details of Horrific Child Abuse Cited in Emergency Restraining Order Request for 'Torture Facilities' Run by US Border Agency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/27/new-details-horrific-child-abuse-cited-emergency-restraining-order-request-torture

Hurrah ! One step toward holding “the Powers” accountable! My heart is lifted a little upon reading this as it has been very troublesome that these conditions for other humans exist. It still seems incomprehensible as to why the children are ripped away from their families at the border. Ripped away, incarcerated under inhuman conditions. Shame, Shame on this government.


This border business is Trump’s Katrina and the result is the same–ZERO compassion from the far right, who however downtrodden they may be, want a dark-skinned individual to have it worse. LBJ 101.

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[W]e have never seen an administration act quite as callously and cruelly toward children as this one

Clearly their “pro-life” posturing is simply that and a cruel one at that.