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New Docs Bolster Claims of EPA Head Scott Pruitt Being Fossil Fuel Puppet


New Docs Bolster Claims of EPA Head Scott Pruitt Being Fossil Fuel Puppet

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt has been described as an "ally," "puppet," and "tool and minion" of the fossil fuel industry.

Newly obtained documents reinforce that portrayal.


Surprise! Surprise! nothing illegal about it as industry runs our government, they are everywhere.


Since the burning of fossil fuels causes illness, disease, and death, those who peddle it are basically, our enemies.

If Pruitt is aiding our enemies, that's Treason.

Special Counsel Mueller must be given more resources to investigate the Wave of Corruption that has come with this So-called President.



Noam Chomsky /// 10 Strategies Of Manipulation


The Brits get it, when will the US working class? Time for rolling, total, non cooperation. Enough is enough.


What kind of culture creates the jobs which preform the people so that they perform the functions of operationalizing an irrational authoritarian 'rationality', rotting from its own anti-human contradictions and domination - its psychopathology? Sickness pays very well indeed.
Just sayin'. . . . . . cuz culture means everything - authentic human culture works for the benefit of all, not the few sleaze-balls (extremists dressed up as centrists) who have ruled for decades.


Presidents have been appointing Foxes to guard our Hen Houses for Decades.

I would say maybe we should ELECT the Guards for the Hen Houses, but we don't even really get to elect our Presidents.


It is really necessary to have these documents. They should be icing on the cake. All you have to do is look at Pruitt's actions and listen to what he says. That should be enough.

Pruitt, it seems, was born corrupt.


Myron Ebell and his "think tank" is what is really pertinent here. He gave an interview on BBC early February that laid out his plans to never be part of the Paris Accord. He has also funded Scott Pruitt and was the transition team leader for Trump to put Pruitt in charge. This guy gave me nightmares after I saw him interviewed on Hard Talk. His "think tank" wrote the road map to getting rid of the EPA. Please look him up and expose him! I don not see him anywhere in the news in the U.S. A lot of these "think tanks" are scandalous!


As a former employee of the EPA-Region 9 (San Francisco) back when a real administrator, Carol Browner was running it, this appalling industry hack is a disgrace. I know that there have been EPA employees who have either resigned in protest or taken early retirement rather then having to work under this asshole. Just what we should expect from the appalling Trump, a Cabinet of the worst of the worst, secretaries whose job is to dismantle their various departments and cozy up to industry and privatization as much as possible. This is what the Senate was warned about during the various nomination hearings and they went ahead and confirmed this Cabinet, which is the worst I have ever seen. I mean, an idiot like Ben Carson as Secy. of HUD! An asshole who recently said that poverty is basically just a state of mind! The horror is that, even if Trump was somehow removed from power we would still have these appalling shills wreaking their damage on our government and our country. Damn them all.


What did Winston Churchill say about the Americans? "Americans will eventually do the right things after trying everything else" or something like that.


The obscenity of Pruitt is that he is running the very agency that he sued many times when he was the AG for Oklahoma. Gawd, I hate Trump!


Your recollections are both interesting and vital. I barely remember Carol Browner but instinctively I remember that time. I remember yards full of honey bees (non-aggressive hard working bees) and they were not the enemy or something to get rid of. There are simple solutions that work, we just have to remember what they are and use them.


I am have been concerned for some time about the Environmental Protection Agency's bias toward the interests of large corporations, who prefer to pollute in peace, rather than the collective rights of American citizens, who prefer to live long, healthy lives and to hand their children a non-toxic world. .I am particularly interested in cuts to funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Having grown up in a community on the shore of Lake Erie in the mid 20th century, I can bear witness to what unfettered pollution can do to the largest system of fresh water lakes in the world. I had to wade through several feet of seaweed to swim in open water. My community had to stage periodic cleanups of dead fish on the beach. Fishing slowed to a halt. Lakeside restaurants that featured whitefish and pike took them off their menus. The lake's ecosystem was seriously unbalanced. And cities that drew their water from the lake had to do extensive treatment to counteract the presence of harmful substances. I do not think the Great Lakes can go through that again.


Hello Andrea Germanos and Everyone, Snott Pruneshit is one of the worst of the worst in destroying a cabinet position. His tombstone should read Death, death and more death. I've accomplished all that I could and those that follow me should finish the job. Being a fossil fool and a fossil tool is easy in his case! The damage he does to the planet may be irreversible in the time frame we have left to fix the enormous problems facing life on the planet Terra.


The cabinet would have to saddle up a hell-fire apocalypse jesus power President Pence ready to ride us down his idea of a god-forsaken freeway nation. He'd push vouchers for private schools more than make much effort in regard to his religion's idea of 'stewardship' to the planet, its people and natural inhabitation. Pence would advance private schools, cut funding for women's health, and let oil barons rule and despoil the world more like thee apocalypse should look. Could Pence be as bad as Trump? Nah. Pence would be a lame duck. Period.


Fossil Fuel Flunky of the highest order and of the lowest kind. An energy/mining industry whore along with Zinke both bent on destroying all nature for the sake of profit.