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New Docs Link Polluted Drinking Water Supply to Massive US Military Base

New Docs Link Polluted Drinking Water Supply to Massive US Military Base

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Internal documents obtained by the Japan Times offer evidence that the contamination of local drinking water sources near a massive U.S. airbase in Japan is the result of years of repeated mishaps and "lax safety standards" by U.S. military forces.


This is old news revisited. With all the U S Military base closures in the US and abroad over the last 20 years, the toxic waste and soil/water pollution left behind were unveiled. There was no regulatory or environmental/ecological oversight conducted on U S military bases and the powers that were would invariably take the easy way out when dumping/burying waste or materiel and even ordinance. Why should they when no one was/is looking? Integrity…no way.

Many plans to turn military housing or barracks into apartments/homes for the public had to be shelved due to the toxic waste sites that these closed bases were revealed to be.

The military industrial complex continues its tyrannical rule.


This is just another in a huge list of reasons the US military should be kept to the minimum possible. They demonstrate every day that they cannot manage anything. The leak money, they lie in their reports to oversight, they’re prone to misuse, they can’t accomplish training, they can’t defend NYC or even their own headquarters. They certainly shouldn’t be deployed as the Worlds police for corporate oligarchs.

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A force for good.

Militarism is a disease. Herbs are available.

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