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New Docs Raise Questions About CIA Spying Here at Home


New Docs Raise Questions About CIA Spying Here at Home

Ashley Gorski

The current debate about government surveillance has largely overlooked the CIA, possibly because we know little about the agency's activities within the United States. While the relevant legal authorities governing the CIA, including Executive Order 12333, set out the CIA's mandate, they do so in broad terms. Beyond the generalities in EO 12333 and other laws, the public has had few opportunities to examine the rules governing the CIA's activities.


Thank you for the report, Ms. Gorski. The establishment of the NSA/CIA and even the FBI are abridgements of our government’s intended design and operational functions. These entities answer primarily to themselves and/or Big Muscle. They have ZERO respect for “the rule of law,” have set up a culture that’s been sexualized by Hollywood’s “007” style films that grants itself a “license to kill,” and in the name of protecting national security, these groups have done more to eclipse world peace and darken any workable principles of justice than the enemies they purport to protect against.

Given the advances made by corporations in writing the rules and defining the parameters of both national and international conduct, it can be surmised that the dossiers and spying mostly home in on those who oppose the egregious policies of the corporate moguls, paymasters, and assorted criminal operations.

If sunshine CAN still be applied as disinfectant, thank you for YOUR efforts in bringing what’s shrouded in darkness to light.


i say “thank you souixrose11” as your comments are more to the point.My recollection is that the 1947 NSA ACT declared any domestic activities by the Corporatists In Action as ILLEGAL PERIOD.the FBI was entrusted with ALL domestic security activities. The fact is that the 1947 nsa act needs to be repealed,the fbi reconstructed completely and the political/banking “revolving door” SHUT before we have more than a prayer of reestablishing our Republic and restoring our Constitution. fyi:
the u.s. has 160+ (!) overseas military bases, 40% of the worlds armaments and 17 ‘security’ departments (e.g. NSA,et al). These are our only remaining areas of being No.1 left. well except our military budget and its associated deficits…and black ops…drone killings…its estimated that the cia and its policies are responsible for over 6,000,000 deaths wordwide?