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New Docs Reveal NSA Never Ended Bulk Email Collection, Just Hid It Better



The question is why does our corrupt government fear its citizens so much?


Is the question that it fears us, or that it simply doesn't have much use for us?


Good question, but in my life, if I do not care about someone, I do not spy on them.


Please expound, as your question really doesn't make sense.


You may not be as aggressive - or paranoid? - as the NSA?


In what sense does it not make sense? Is your "problem" with my question that you think that the NSA DOES think that our opinions have value?


I'm not so sure of that. The MIC is so corrupt, and so entrenched, at this point that it looks more like carte blanche to me.


I see, you are staking out a rhetorical position here that would have others believe that the NSA's mass surveillance is no big deal since they really don't care.



Wrong, it is called unassailable power, and anyone who rises up and causes trouble, i.e., truth tellers, dissidents fighting against war, another OWS, et al will be subject to that unassailable power.


Has anyone here considered how all this data will be used, once the Patriot Act on Steroids is created?


Yes. They seem to have taken the theme of every cautionary tale, such as "1984" and used it as a "How to" book. As well as borrowing tactics from and sometimes even direct quotes from historical dictatorial regimes....Do the frequent references to "the homeland" ring any bells? Does that creep anyone else out?


Are you hallucinating? Nothing I have said implies that the NSA's activities are "no big deal." That hardly follows from what I did [try to] say, which is that it [the NSA] is indifferent to us [the people] and our wishes.

Would an analogy of a horse's attitude toward an ant be a bit easier for you to understand? From the ant's perspective, it would be wrong to say the horse is "no big deal."

Interestingly, from some of your other comments, I get the impression that we have similar views about the NSA. I'm a bit puzzled by your apparent dislike of my attempts to express them.


Could any intelligent citizen, living in a country claiming democratic rule, liberty and freedom, accept mass surveillance? Of course not, it's rank hypocrisy. MSNBC, for example, pounds the propaganda 24-7 while advocating for the wicked witch of "exceptionalism" and endless carnage.

The American government is free from the "will of the People". In spite of government's open hostility towards American citizens there is still reliance on unverifiable elections - even when they are exposed as farcical. America's corrupt media makes it near impossible to gauge the will of the people. If, however, the dominating media propagandists are correct, we, as a nation, will deserve the chaos to come when crooks pretending to be "representatives" of the people, destroy the social order, completely.


They will keep intruding into our lives ever more thoroughly and continue to lie to us about it as long as we don't FORCE them to stop!! It's time to think big folks. ABOLISH THE ENTIRE U.S. SPOOKOCRACY, STARTING WITH THE NSA AND CIA, neither of which has ever done a single thing to benefit this country in any way!!


Spare me the insult jerk. I made no personal attack, but I sure as hell don't refrain from returning such.

I suggest you clarify your position to begin with.


OK, boss.


"I May have kidded you a little bit,but I never lied to you"

As much as time changes everything seems to stay the same.


You bet.


To vote, and give credibility to empire, or not to vote and wait and see where that leads, that is the question.