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New Docs Reveal Undercover Officers Routinely Spied on Black Lives Matter in NYC


New Docs Reveal Undercover Officers Routinely Spied on Black Lives Matter in NYC

Jon Queally, staff writer

Law enforcement agencies in New York City routinely used undercover officers to monitor, track, and provide real-time surveillance of Black Lives Matters activists and supporters, according to new reporting by The Intercept.


We get to enjoy all of the privileges that go along with being a suspect of the U.S.A.


Everybody knew that the racist cretin FBI director J.Edgar Hoover really did not think that black lives mattered, not even MLK’s or Brother Malcolm’s. However, this passes for progress in America.
Jeh Johnson, director of Racist Land Security is black so his black life matters.
The presumably black NYC police who infiltrate Black Lives Matter for the sake of their salary, overtime, benefits and pensions, I’m pretty sure their black lives matter.
Of course former attorney general, Eric “Wall Street” Holder, his black life matters.
Loretta Lynch, current attorney general who will inevitably prosecute members of Black Lives Matter as terrorists or some such nonsense, her black life matters a lot.
President Barack (third world brown lives don’t matter because we slaughter them with drones for the profits of General Atomics and Raytheon which really matter) Obama, his black life matters. He has to get that board position for Royal Dutch Shell when he leaves office (and one on the boards of General Atomics and Raytheon) and THAT really matters.


The trouble with indoctrination is that it infects people with paranoia and reactive tendencies, so that they end up turning on their friends, families,and communities–eyeing everyone with suspicion and looking for opportunities to prove their loyalty to the “master” (in this case the government). Even when that means committing constitutional crimes.


Having a police dossier is a badge of honor. Mine, going back to Civil Rights and opposition to war and the regime’s other craziness represents the finest achievements of my life. And they don’t have to look very hard to see that even in old age, when I can do little more than work this keyboard I still bid them defiance.


That’s why I absolutely shuddered when under Bush and then under Obama officials came out asking the public to turn anyone in who looks suspicious. Many people love to do this to feel superior and loved by the Masters as you pointed out.


Strange that the police departments and FBI don’t infiltrate and sometimes even co-opt movements like ALEC or the Koch Brothers meetings and their think tanks. Are they not doing much more harm to the nation?


Not strange at all, but rather per-ordained and predictable. A pox on all the racist, white, and bone-headed thugs that populate the ranks of the NYPD, and all the black and brown fellow travelers who unfortunately need to raise themselves in the ranks order to make a decent living. The latter should at least have the integrity to form a non-white, alternate Police Malevolent League.