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New DOJ Memo Shows Trump Intensifying Assault on Civil Rights


New DOJ Memo Shows Trump Intensifying Assault on Civil Rights

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a development civil rights groups characterized as "deeply disturbing," the New York Times reported on Tuesday that the Trump Justice Department is looking to begin "investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants."


It’s time to Intensify Assault on Trump!

Never Forget, he’s our employee.


This is the type of thing the people wanted when they voted for Trump. A president who would stand up for the needs of whites. Many people are very angry that non-whites can get into college with lower test scores and poorer grades than whites who are rejected. Trump capitalized on this anger and was able to get enough votes in three blue states to win. Basically he is fulfilling his campaign promises to the white nationalist voters that put him in office. The backlash of the whites in getting up to full force. A pretty ugly situation that is ripping this country apart.


It is very hard to prove discrimination in our legal system, so good luck with that, DOJs. You don’t have to hire the most qualified and you don’t have to admit the most qualified, either.


Personally, I think racial quota’s are stupid. Martin Luther King jr spoke out against the concept. I think colleges should accept the top (some number) of academic achievers from every school district in the country.


As the noose tightens around Trump, he’s doubling down on issues that appeal to his non-wealthy base. No dog whistles anymore, either. His speeches to law enforcement and the Boy Scouts, the bizarre tweets on civil rights for gays and transgender members in the military, money for the border wall, meaner immigration ‘reform’, repealing the ACA and, as always, military bravado. It’s as if he believes the ignorant and spiteful minority which always supports him will protect him in a violent way if he gets impeached and convicted.

It’s pretty clear both dems and R’s want this guy gone. But for different reasons. The Russia probe is mostly a bi-partisan affair and Mueller is (currently) the best angle to oust Trump.


There’s a klan meeting over at the DOJ this afternoon - in Jeff Sessions office. You’ll know the one - you can hear the song “I wish I was in Dixie” playing at full blast. Gen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions will be hiding behind his white robe & hood.


yea, it seems like whites do need more education.


Wow the are multiple things wrong in both the sentences of your short comment - rewuiring my response to be 10 times longer:

  1. MLK did not speak out against the concept of affirmative action - that is a right-wing urban myth.


  1. Affirmative action is not about "quotas - that is also a right wing myth. It is about considering the candidate being in a historically discriminated race as one of many of the qualifications of various weightings when evaluating otherwise well-qualified candidates

You need to study some sociology. Until a historically discriminated class or caste of people become visible at all occupations and levels of status in a society - the racist discrimination continues forever.

  1. You proposal of “equal numbers of top academic achievers in every school district in the country” is physically impractical in too many ways to elaborate. But for starters, it would theoretically require every high school senior to apply to every university in the USA. And it would be a quota system that would keep most students of going to the university of their choice - and require the admission of many unqualified students (I’m thinking of some awful rural white school districts as much as black ones).


I know that you didn’t intend your comment to be read this way, but you are inadvertently spreading the misconception that affirmative action leads to the admission of people with low SAT’s and grades on the basis of their race. In reality, affirmative action is about picking between two people with approximate equal qualifications - where grades and test scores are important, but not the last statement regarding qualifications.


I don’t think the Dems want him gone. If that happened, people (and maybe even the media) would look more closely at them - a sad and sickening sight indeed.


Well thanks for that information, didn’t know that. There must be a way to do it without favoring an extremely privileged kid from a historically poor and discriminated ethnic group over a poor kid from a historically privileged ethnic group. I E. favoring Stan O’neil’s grandkids over my down the road neighbors grandkids. ( White, live in a two room shack with no indoor plumbing…yes I’m in Appalachia . )


I have never personally met or seen a “privileged” black USAn anywhere I’ve lived - a few who have reached the comfort of the middle class - usually through government employment - because of the stronger anti-discrimination, and affirmative action policies of state and federal government agencies compared to the private sector.

On the other hand, white people - even poor ones get the benefit of the doubt in how they are treated in education, hiring, housing, law enforcement. The disadvantages of people in central/southern Appalachians exsit - but are geographic - not skin color based - and so can be escaped by simply moving. That does not work with the disadvantages of dark skin.

Disclosure. I live in the Paris of both Appalacia and the Rust Belt and have spent most of my live in or near the Appalachian region - Blacksburg, Knoxville, Lexington, Pittsburgh…



Trump and Sessions represent the head of a very racist system.

But it’s not only racism as we have seen Trump’s attitude toward women.
And that’s more than half the population of the planet.
Women are a majority which has long been living the existence of an oppressed minority.

What are these Elite males so frightened of?
I’d venture to say the greater intelligence of females and people of color – and the many
males in our society who would reject these Elite-supremacist views, as well.


Excellent, well-stated, substantive, factual, and informative response to “bligh.” Thank you!


Money opens doors to elite private universities…GWB going to Yale and then Harvard Business school…WTF…he still cannot form a sentence, write and punctuate an intelligible paragraph, nor was he capable of formulating an economic or social policy while in office even with the Cheney-bot pulling his strings. Even the University of Texas rejected GWB’s application for admission.

DJT’s father bought his son’s way into Wharton after failed attempts at two other universities by making a sizeable donation that was enthusiastically accepted even with the caveat that a wholly unqualified and particularly obstreperous applicant-cum-entrant was to be given admission and assured graduation.


That is a good point. The alt-right believes men should be dominant, not only whites. Many women also believe this, not just men. Trump really is for white domination, male domination, and America comes first always. It a view which the entire population will never agree with so it can only be implemented by force.


True however this is a golden opportunity to demand publicly funded education–no tuition–along with demands for publicly funded healthcare and a necessary end to warfare across the globe along with actually seeing to it that the wealthiest contribute more because they have more.


Lrlx –


Organized patriarchal religion has been a major form of Mind Control centered in male-supremacy.

If you add up all of the enemies of the Catholic Church you find native peoples, and Africans, Women,
Jews, Homosexuals …pretty much everyone.

Imo, it would be helpful if we would all stop referring to “whites” and “blacks” …
(“Yellow” and “Red” have been gone for a while, I think) …

Actually, if you are “white” and check your skin color against a piece of white paper you find that you
are actually a person of color. Whether we are cream, or pink, or beige still connects us more with
other people of color than with anyone considering themselves “white.”

(I think!) :slight_smile: